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2022 Amateur Olympia Results and Recap


The 2022 Amateur Olympia occurred on Dec. 14-15, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. The top amateur bodybuilders worldwide brought their best packages to the stage with the hopes that the judges would reward their dieting and training with a coveted IFBB Pro Card awarded to a select number of bodybuilders who rose to the top.

Nine divisions were featured in the 2022 Amateur Olympia. The outliers were 212 and Wheelchair.

2022 Amateur Olympia Results

Below are the results for each division contested at the 2022 Amateur Olympia. Listed athletes earned their IFBB Pro Cards, according to NPC News Online:

Men’s Bodybuilding

Vincenzo Masone — Overall Winner
Miguel Malimo
Seth Goss

Classic Physique

Munkhsaruul Altangerel — Overall Winner
Kherlen Batbayar
William Santoro

Men’s Physique

Bryan Blacio
Jack Larson
Khrishna Purnama Putra

Women’s Bodybuilding

Marilyn Yee — Overall Winner
Teresa Rego
Lada Plihalova

Women’s Physique

Margarita Abdulla — Overall Winner
Kristina Samofal


Fernanda Ayala — Overall Winner
Brooke Nyland
Mariha Lyons


Tish Szkabarnicki — Overall Winnner
Melissa Maldonado
Ofon Aguirre


Ellie Ambs — Overall Winner


Gavi Soni — Overall Winner 
Janet Ortega
Karla Garcia Mendoza

Check out a recap of the 2022 Amateur Olympia below.

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2022 Amateur Olympia Recap — Amateur Men

According to announcer Tim Wilkins, the 2022 Amateur Olympia welcomed the largest number of competitors ever. Judging by the constantly-packed stage and the marathon run-time of the event, this was no exaggeration.

The sheer volume of competitors added a slight obstacle in several classes, particularly among the male bodybuilders. Packed line-ups meant competitors were often literally elbow-to-elbow — and sometimes slightly overlapped. This environment seemed to throw off several competitors, as a few seemed distracted. The head judge’s constant advising for “gentlemen – give yourselves some room!” became a competitive mantra in all the men’s divisions.

Some competitors attempted to play the chaos to their advantage, including the ever-flexing runner-up of Classic Physique, Kherlen Batbayar. Batbayar frequently nudged his way toward center stage, often switching places during line-ups when he was told not to. While he did well, one has to wonder if his grinning attempts to pull attention worked against him, as Munkhsaruul Altangerel took that division’s overall title. 

Another standout was the mountainous Men’s Bodybuilding Overall winner and new IFBB pro, Vincenzo Masone. Every competitor was dwarfed by Masone, whose proportions were baffling. It was hard to argue his victory, considering how his immense size was matched with defined muscularity. A man of his size could be intimidating in the pro field. However, his challenge will be to balance his physique.

The competitor who gave Masone a run for his money run was the tight and proportional Lightweight Class champion, Dorj Gansukh, who might have been a few scales smaller but proportionally neck-and-neck with the overall champ.

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2022 Amateur Olympia Recap — Amateur Women

The women’s classes were equally impressive and deeply populated. There were so many competitors in the Figure Masters that a bit of confusion occurred regarding numbers for call-outs. The more experienced bodybuilders saw the most stage time, with many of the Masters crossing over to the Open in almost every women’s division.

Bikini Overall champion Gavi Soni prevailed against a remarkably competitive — and, once again, massive — Bikini division. Her presentations were fluid and consistent, neither too static nor too fidgety. It was clear she felt right at home in the judging format. While the overall was close, the win was not controversial. Soni’s presentation and fluid physique scored her the Bikini win.

Wrapping Up

If the 2022 Amateur Olympia was representative of the amateur competition in the NPC and IFBB at large, the future looks bright for the sport. The general demeanor of competitors was sportsmanlike to the degree that would suit any professional, with not many moments of glum attitude. If a bodybuilding contest is only as remarkable as its competitors, this end-of-season amateur contest proves the Olympia is not just a professional’s game. 

Featured image: @vincenzomasone on Instagram | photo by Will Wittmann (@w_wittmannphoto on Instragram)

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