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2022 Dubai Fitness Championship Event 2 Results — Karin Freyova and Fabian Beneito Selles Stand Tall


Day two of the Dubai Fitness Championship (DFC) started with a test of strength as athletes were greeted with the “Hang Clean Ladder” on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022. The athletes were treated with a total of three workouts at the Coca-Cola Arena in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Image via Patrick Clark

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Event Two Results — “Hang Clean Ladder”

This was a simple workout. All 40 athletes had one chance to lift the required weight in the ladder. If they failed in their attempt, the last completed weight would count towards their score.  In the event of a tie, athletes then would have to perform five hang squat cleans for a time at 220 pounds for the men and 154 pounds for the women. Athletes in both divisions cleared the initial ladder weights and then made 10-pound jumps in their weight.

Numerous athletes set new personal bests in their hang clean, leading to many exciting moments for both the athletes and the fans in attendance.

Men’s Results

Fabian Beneito Selles — 172 kilograms + 14.06
Reggie Fasa — 172 kilograms + 14.12
Mortiz Fiebig — 170 kilograms + 14.93
Luke Vunjak — 170 kilograms + 15.22
Khan Porter — 167 kilograms
Damián Martínez Satorres — 165 kilograms + 14.65
Brent Fikowski — 165 kilograms + 14.72 
Javier Gonzalez — 165 kilograms + 15.09
Alex Kotoulas — 162 kilograms + 15.18
Jonne Koski — 162 kilograms + 16.10
Aniol Ekai — 160 kilograms + 15.22
Michal Wesolowski — 160 kilograms + 15.72
Lazar Đukić — 160 kilograms + 16.20
Briant Guillaume — 160 kilograms + 16.35
Giorgos Karavis — 160 kilograms + 22.18
Luke Đukić — 155 kilograms + 15.97
Vladimir Sechin — 155 kilograms + 16.04
Nikita Yundov — 155 kilograms + 17.00
Victor Hoffer — 145 kilograms
Simon Mäntyla — Withdrew

Women’s Results

Karin Frey — 122 kilograms
Oihana Moya Oliver — 120 kilograms
Dana Paran — 117 kilograms
Hanna Karlsson — 115 kilograms + 16.28
Tayla Howe — 115 kilograms + 18.84
Lena Richter — 112 kilograms + 15.22
Manon Angonese — 112 kilograms + 15.44
Valentina Rangel — 112 kilograms + 16.03
Claudia Gluck — 110 kilograms
Aoife Burke — 107 kilograms + 15.72
Jamie Simmonds — 107 kilograms + 16.37
Ella Kanona Wunger — 107 kilograms + 16.69
Maria Längfors — 105 kilograms + 16.47
Freya Moosbrugger — 105 kilograms + 16.94
Aimee Cringle — 105 kilograms + 19.00
Matilde Øyen Garnes — 102 kilograms
Emily Rolfe — 100 kilograms
Seher Kaya — 95 kilograms + 16.00
Andrea Solberg — 95 kilograms + 16.25
Valentina Magalotti — 90 kilograms

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Event Two Workout — “Hang Clean Ladder”

Each athlete has a 20-second window to hang clean a given weight that increases over nine rounds; men begin at 305 pounds, women at 200 pounds. The top weights are 365 pounds for men and 250 pounds for women. The winners are the athletes who lift the heaviest hang clean successfully. In the event of those eliminated in the same round, the tiebreaker is five hang squat cleans for time. The weights were as follows (men/women):

305/200 pounds
315/210 pounds
325/220 pounds
335/225 pounds
345/230 pounds
350/235 pounds
355/240 pounds
360/245 pounds
365/250 pounds

Event Two Highlights

Five of the men cleared the initial ladder, with four cleaning 375 pounds or more. Those four men would end up in the tiebreaker. Fabian Beneito Selles and Reggie Fasa each missed their attempts at 385 pounds, with Beneito Selles beating the Brit by six seconds in the tiebreaker to win the event. 

Moritz Fiebig edged out Serbian newcomer Luka Vunjak in their tiebreaker for third place. Aussie Khan Porter set a new career best with a lift of 368 pounds but soon bowed out of the event without attempting 375, placing fifth.

Event Two Highlights

The women’s division did not need a tiebreaker to decide who the event winner would be. Karin Freyova easily cleared the ladder and had no issue with her 269 LB lift. Runner-up Oihana Moya missed at that weight leading Freyova to celebrate.

Dana Paran, the only American in the field, placed third with a lift of 258 pounds, followed by Hanna Karlsson and Tayla Howe, who needed a tiebreaker to decide the fourth and fifth spots.

Up Next at the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship

Saturday, Dec. 3 features two more events, including a chipper-style workout that features toes-to-bars and snatches, followed by the just announced “elimination-style” workout that will end the night’s competition.

The competition will be live-streamed on the Dubai Fitness Championship YouTube channel, with the Barbend’s own Brian Friend joining Derek Forrest in the broadcast booth to call the action. Stay tuned to BarBend’s event coverage and results page to keep up-to-date on the happenings of the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship.

Featured image via Patrick Clark.

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