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2022 Dubai Fitness Championship Event 4 Results — Lazar Đukić Bounces Back, Hanna Karlsson Triumphant


Day two of the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship (DFC) came to a close on Saturday evening at the Coca-Cola Arena with the DFC organizers and HWPO’s take on a fast and furious elimination-style event.

Elimination events typically leave zero room for error, and this one was no different. A costly no-rep on the rope climbs guaranteed an athlete would not advance. Calculated and steady was the name of the game in the opening round. Most athletes took a conservative approach on the echo bike in the opening round to save their legs for the sprint to the finish.

Those who made the semifinals ramped up the wattage on the echo bike and took some chances on the rope climbs, knowing they had secured at least a top-10 finish, leading to some photo finishes.

Event Four Results — “Ride Or Die”

The final round of five was “full-send.” The men had to do two rope climbs in the finals, so any wasted movement or taking time to rechalk proved costly. The women had one legless rope climb so whoever got off the bike first had the advantage while for the men, that wasn’t the case in the finals.

Men’s Results

Lazar Đukić – 51.58
Luka Đukić – 55.34
Aniol Ekai – 55.50
Brent Fikowski – 59.53
Moritz Fiebig – 1:02.78
Fabian Beneito Selles – 1:31.47
Khan Porter – 1:33.00
Jonne Koski – 1:38.69
Briant Guillaume– 1:50.72
Alex Kotoulas – 1:54.21
Victor Hoffer – 2:30.21
Javier Gonzalez – 2:30.59
Damián Martínez Satorres – 2:40.28
Giorgos Karavis – 2:42.19
Reggie Fasa – 2:48.16
Nikita Yundov – 2:58.14
Luka Vunjak – 2:58.31
Michal Wesolowski – 3:30.97
Vladimir Sechin – 4:01.00
Simon Mäntylä – WD

Women’s Results

Hanna Karlsson – 40.75
Dana Paran – 43.37
Karin Freyova – 45.53
Matilde Garnes – 45.53
Jamie Simmonds – 49.72
Manon Angonese – 1:35.60
Emily Rolfe – 1:38.06
Claudia Gluck – 1:38.79
Freya Moosbrugger – 1:39.94
Aimee Cringle – 1:42.56
Valentina Rangel – 2:51.81
Lena Richter – 2:51.88
Tayla Howe – 2:53.66
Aoife Burke – 2:54.25
Seher Kaya – 2:55.25
Ella Wunger – 2:56.72
Oihana Moya – 3:03.69
Maria Längfors – 3:16.23
Andrea Solberg – 3:19.09
Valentina Magalotti – 3:35.28

Image via Patrick Clark

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Event Four Workout

This is an elimination-style event for time:

Opener (20 Athletes) —  Echo bike + legless rope climbs | Men: 40 calories, Women: 30 calories | four minutes.
Semifinal (10 Athletes) — Echo bike + legless rope climbs | Men: 30 calories, Women: 20 calories | three minutes.
Final (five Athletes) — Echo bike + legless rope climbs | Men: 20 calories, Women: 10 calories | two minutes.

Event Four Highlights

Among the athletes competing at the DFC, Lazar Đukić is the elder statesman of the men’s field, having appeared in the last four live events in Dubai. He’s improved his standing each year, including a runner-up finish in 2021. One of the favorites for the title this year had struggled mightily heading into the final event of Saturday, finding himself outside the top 10.

He and his brother Luka Đukić battled each other through each round. Big brother won the event with a time of 51.58 despite Luka coming off the bike first. The difference was not wasting time between the two rope climbs. The event victory is Lazar Đukić’s career third at the DFC.

The younger Đukić recorded his second-straight top-two finish with a time of 55.34. It placed Luka eighth on the overall leaderboard. Spain’s Aniol Ekai recorded his second top-five finish, ranking third behind Luka Đukić. The 25-year-old’s finish puts him fourth overall. Brent Fikowski placed fourth ahead of German Moritz Fiebig, who he leads by just five points for the overall lead. 

The women’s final was a clash between Swede Hanna Karlsson and Games/DFC veteran Karin Freyova. Both women had no issue advancing through the first two stages.

Freyova had the momentum, with back-to-back wins heading into the day’s final event. Still, it was Karlsson who set a blistering pace in the final heat on the Echo Bike, beating the Freyova to the rope and, with seven short but quick pulls and a sprint to the finish, picked up her first event win of the weekend.

Freyova would finish third, her third top-three finish, which furthered her lead to 45 points over Jamie Simmonds on the overall leaderboard. American Dana Paran picked up second place, her best of the weekend.

Karlsson’s win vaulted her into third on the overall leaderboard, just five points behind Simmonds, followed by Spain’s Oihana Moya, who, despite a 17th-place finish in the final event of the day, sits in fourth overall. Emily Rolfe sits in fifth overall.

Up Next at the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship

The final day of competition features a jam-packed day of action as four events are scheduled, including two that have yet to be announced. What has been announced is an interval workout that features shuttle sprints, burpee box jump overs, thrusters, and a barbell workout that features 10 reps of cleans, front squats, and shoulder to overheads.

The competition will be live-streamed on the Dubai Fitness Championship YouTube channel. Stay tuned to BarBend’s event coverage and results page to keep up-to-date on the happenings of the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship.

Featured image via Patrick Clark.

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