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2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Day One Recap


The 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic kicked off in the Greater Columbus Convention Center I’m Columbus, OH, on Friday, March 3, 2023. Ten strongmen from five nations vied for the top of the leaderboard on Day One of competition. No strongman in this lineup has won the ASC in their careers, and with reigning champion Martins Licis absent from competition, a new champion is guaranteed.

The first day of competition featured two of the weekend’s five strongman events. Check out a recap of each below:

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Event One — Wheel of Pain

The last time the men saw the Wheel of Pain was in 2020. The contestants must push the handle in a circle for the longest distance possible in 60 seconds. The record for this event is held by Martins Licis, who made it 119 feet in 2019. 

Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 100 feet, eight inches
TreyMitchell — 97 feet
Mitchell Hooper — 94 feet
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 91 feet, 11 inches
Tom Stoltman — 91 feet, 8 inches
Luke Stoltman — 82 feet, 3 inches
Tom Evans — 80 feet, 9 inches
Kevin Faires — 76 feet, 11 inches
Rob Kearney — 69 feet, 11 inches
Bobby Thompson — 59 feet, five inches

Pavlo Nakonechnny of Ukraine was the second man up, but he was the first to complete a loop, finishing with almost 92 feet. The returning Mateusz Kieliszkowski followed and raised Nakonechnny by being the first to break 100 feet. No one was able to match him, even though Trey Mitchell came within three feet. The man from Poland took the event win to take an early overall lead.

Event Two — The Austrian Oak

The second event featured two Austrian Oak logs. The men could score 100 points for each rep they get with 430 pounds. A second log, weighing 385 pounds, would count for 10 points per rep.

The last two American record holders in the Log Press kicked it off. Thompson got three reps with the big log, while Kearney scored two. Canada’s Mitchell Hooper tied Thompson with three reps. Then, Trey Mitchell showed up and showed out with four reps to take the overall lead. Only Luke Stoltman and Kevin Faires failed to achieve a rep on the big log.

Stoltman redeemed himself on the 385-pound log for six reps, though it did not change his overall standing in the event. Hooper and Thompson tied for second overall behind Mitchell:

Trey Mitchell — 400 points
Bobby Thompson — 300 points
Mitchell Hooper — 300 points
Rob Kearney — 200 points
Tom Evans — 100 points
Tom Stoltman — 100 points
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 100 points
Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 100 points
Luke Stoltman — 60 points
Kevin Faires — 10 points

Going into Day Two, Mitchell is the overall leader, followed by Hooper in second. The full standings are as follows:

2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Standings After Day One

Trey Mitchell — 19 points
Mitchell Hooper — 16.5 points
Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 14.5 points
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 11.5 points
Tom Stoltman — 10.5 points
Bobby Thompson— 9.5 points
Rob Kearney — Nine points
Tom Evans — 8.5 points
Luke Stoltman — Seven points
Kevin Faires — Four points

The replay of Day One and the livestream of Day Two will be available on the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel. 

Featured Image: @kieliszkowskimateusz on Instagram

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