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2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic Day One Recap


The inaugural Arnold Strongwoman Classic kicked off on Friday, Mar. 3, 2023, in the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. Ten strongwomen vied for the right to be the first champion of this new contest, and the athletes made the first day of the show a memorable one. Check out a recap of the two Day One events below:

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Event One — Wheel of Pain

The challenge of pushing against this Wheel is the sand in the barrels that gathers at the bottom when it stops. So, once it stops, it’s hard to get it moving. The athlete who spun the WWheel around its fulcrum for the farthest distance in 60 seconds won.

Rebecca Roberts — 92 feet, nine inches
Inez Carrasquillo — 64 feet, one inch
Donna Moore — 62 feet, five inches
Olga Liashchuk — 59 feet, eight inches
Samantha Belliveau — 52 feet, three inches
Andrea Thompson — 51 feet, 10 inches
Victoria Long — 47 feet
Melissa Peacock — 39 feet, six inches
Tamara Walcott — 37 feet, eight inches 
Hannah Linzay — 36 feet, nine inches

The 2021 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW), Rebecca Roberts, was the first to complete a full 90-foot rotation of the Wheel. Inez Carrasquillo finished second, and Donna Moore rounded out the top three.

Event Two — American Oak Log Press

The second event of Day One was a log press. The women started with a 270-pound log and switched to a 220-pound log. The goal was to score the most points by performing as many reps as possible in 90 seconds each round. The heavy log was worth 100 points, while the lighter log only counted for 10.

Log lift world record holder Andrea Thompson brought the crowd to their feet by completing five reps with the heavy log. Four women — Thompson, Olga Liashchuk, Carrasquillo, and Victoria Long — got reps with the American Oak. Thompson took the overall victory. The final order of the finishes is below:

Andrea Thompson — 500 points
Olga Liashchuk — 400 points
Inez Carrasquillo — 300 points
Victoria Long — 200 points
Samantha Belliveau — 70 points
Rebecca Roberts — 60 points
Melissa Peacock — 50 points
Donna Moore — 30 points
Hannah Linzay — 20 points
Tamara Walcottno reps

After two events, Carrasquillo goes into Day Two with the overall lead of one point:

2023 Arnold Stongwoman Classic Standings After Day One

Inez Carrasquillo — 17 points
Olga Liashchuk — 16 points
Andrea Thompson — 15 points (T-fourth)
Rebecca Roberts — 15 points (T-fourth)
Samantha Belliveau — 12 points
Victoria Long — 11 points
Donna Moore — 11 points (tie)
Melissa Peacock — seven points
Hannah Linzay — three points
Tamara Walcott — no points

Day One of the contest will be available for replay on the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel. Day Two of the contest is on Saturday, March 4, 2023. It will be streamed live on the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.

Featured Image: @andreathompson_strongwoman on Instagram

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