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2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic Day Two Recap — Victoria Long Dominates


After the first day of the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic (ASWC), Inez Carrasquillo held on to a one-point lead over last year’s Arnold Pro Strongwoman winner Olga Liashchuk. Rebecca Roberts and Andrea Thompson were both tied for third place.

With three events to go, anything could happen, and the fans were anticipating seeing incredible action in Columbus, OH, and that’s what they got. Ultimately, Victoria Long utilized Day Two to rocket up the leaderboard, sweeping all three events to take the overall victory:

2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic Results

Victoria Long — 40.5 points
Rebecca Roberts — 38 points
Andrea Thompson — 36 points
Olga Liashchuk — 34 points
Inez Carrasquillo — 31.5 points
Donna Moore — 21.5 points
Samantha Belliveau — 20 points
Melissa Peacock — 20 points
Hannah Linzay — 19 points
Tamara Walcott — 13.5 points

Below is a recap of the three events on Day Two:

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Event Three: Elephant Bar Deadlift

The opening event of the day was the Elephant Bar Deadlift. Unlike powerlifting, competitors are allowed to use standard lifting straps — not figure eights. The rule was simple: the woman that lifts the most wins.

Two athletes who know this bar well are Tamara Walcott and Andrea Thompson. They were the last two women to hold the world record, the current version of which belonged to Walcott at 641 pounds, and they were considered early favorites in this event.

Jan Todd was the first woman to pull 500 pounds. She watched every woman in this lineup attempt more than that.

Each athlete in the lineup had three attempts to lift the most weight possible. The structure was similar to a weightlifting event, where turn order, regardless of attempt number, was lighter attempts to lift first. Here are the results:

Victoria Long — 295.2 kilograms (651 pounds) (T-first) — New World Record
Tamara Walcott — 295.2 kilograms (651 pounds) (T-first)
Andrea Thompson — 293 kilograms (646 pounds)
Olga Liashchuk — 288.4 kilograms (636 pounds)
Rebecca Roberts — 272.5 (601 pounds)
Melissa Peacock — 263.5 kilograms (581 pounds)
Inez Carrasquillo — 261.2 kilograms (576 pounds)
Donna Moore — 245.3 kilograms (541 pounds) (T-eighth)
Hannah Linzay — 245.3 kilograms (541 pounds) (T-eighth)
Sam Belliveau — 224.9 kilograms (506 pounds)

Belliveau missed her third attempt and was the first athlete to lock in a final score on the board. Linzay revved up the crowd as a nosebleed joined her final successful lift of 541 pounds. Moore used that energy to tie Linzay as they both landed on the leaderboard tied for eighth-place points.

Peacock and Roberts knocked out 551-pound opening lifts as though they were routine warm-ups. Liashchuk followed suit and also used her first attempt to pull 551 pounds. Carrasquillo out-lifted the three previous athletes by 10 pounds with two attempts to go.

Victoria Long endured a poor first day of competition, according to commentator Laurence Shahlaei. She changed that momentum in her favor by pulling 566 pounds in her opening attempt. Carrasquillo came back to the platform and ground out 576 on her second attempt. Shahlaei was both impressed with her effort and expressed skepticism if a heavy third lift would be possible.

On Peacock’s second attempt, she took a big jump to 581 pounds en route to her intended 600-pound third attempt. Roberts made a critical error at 586 pounds on her second attempt. She locked out the weight but dropped the barbell from the top of the lift in celebration. The rules require athletes to lower the barbell, so Roberts’ attempt didn’t count.

Due to Roberts’ error, she returned to the platform with 601 pounds on the barbell and was successful with a cheeky lowering of the barbell. Walcott finally made it to the stage with a 601-pound opening attempt and converted it without lifting straps.

Liashchuk easily matched 601 pounds, but Peacock couldn’t do the same and bowed out of the event. Thompson made 621 pounds look like child’s play on her second attempt. Long matched Thompson’s style and tacked on 10 more pounds.

Walcott attempted a 646-pound world record attempt on her second go and made it above the knees but couldn’t quite get the left side locked out. Thompson used her final attempt for the same 646-pound lift and scored a new world record and $5,000 prize for doing so. Long returned to a barbell loaded to 651 pounds and ascended the world record again. Walcott tried to match Long’s weight, and though it wasn’t smooth, it was successful.

Event Four: Steinstossen Stone Throw

This was a brand new event for the Arnold competition. Athletes had three attempts to throw a 110-pound stone as far as possible. Scores were measured by distance at the stone’s impact point in the sandbox.

Some athletes ran with the stone overhead while others pushed from the chest once they reached the sandbox. Victoria Long was the first to break 10 feet. 

Victoria Long — 10 feet, 10 inches
Olga Liashchuk — Nine feet, two inches
Rebecca Roberts — Eight feet, 11 inches
Inez Carrasquillo — Eight feet, 9.5 inches
Hannah Linzay — Eight feet, 9.5 inches
Andrea Thompson — Eight feet, four inches
Samantha Belliveau — Seven feet, 8.5 inches
Melissa Peacock — Seven feet, eight inches
Donna Moore — Seven feet, seven inches
Tamara Walcott — Six feet, eight inches

Linzay opened with an eight-foot, five-inch throw. Walcott followed with an inch over six feet. Peacock came out third and launched it six feet, nine inches. Everyone to this point used an overhead technique.

Belliveau followed her predecessors with an overhead throw that landed at seven feet, five inches. Moore gained a lot of momentum on her initial attempt but only landed at five feet, nine inches.

Long annihilated her first attempt, launching the stone 10 feet, two inches. Carrasquillo achieved a far distance but lost balance and touched the sandpit, nullifying her attempt. Long extended her lead to 10 feet, 10 inches, and no one could catch her.

Event Five: Timber Frame Carry

The final event of the inaugural ASWC was the Timber Frame Carry. The athletes carried a 530-pound wooden frame up a 30-foot ramp as quickly as possible with a 30-second time cap. Lifting straps were not allowed.

Victoria Long — 6.36 seconds
Rebecca Roberts — 6.83 seconds
Andrea Thompson — 7.83 seconds
Hannah Linzay — 8.00 seconds
Donna Moore — 8.78 seconds
Melissa Peacock — 9.06 seconds
Inez Carraquillo — 9.18 seconds
Samantha Belliveau — 12.35 seconds
Olga Liashchuk — 12.77 seconds
Tamara Walcott — 10.46 meters (34.32 feet)

Unlike in 2022, athletes performed in single-athlete heats instead of in pairs. Linzay was the first athlete to the Timber Carry course and traversed the 35 feet in eight seconds to set the pace.

Walcott was second to the frame and was unable to complete the course within the time cap. Peacock was the third to attempt, and while extremely close to Linzay’s time, it was just behind that eight-second mark at 9.06 seconds.

Moore was fourth to the floor and couldn’t have made it look any easier. She logged a time of 8.76 seconds that compelled Shahlaei on commentary to suggest that the weight be increased in the future.

Belliveau blitzed the opening of her attempt but dropped the frame right at the finish line, costing precious seconds. Carrasquillo was 1.5 points back from a podium spot entering the event and paid out with a time of 9.18 seconds.

Thompson was a point off the podium entering the event. She closed her competition weekend as the first athlete to score a sub-eight second time.

Roberts needed to fend off Thompson and Carraquillo to maintain her hold on a podium position. An unbelievable time of 6.83 seconds put her in gold-metal position with two athletes to go.

Long took to the floor for the penultimate run, and if anyone blinked, they missed it. A blistering time of 6.36 seconds in what looked like a jog up the platform.

Liashchuk had to score a second-place or better finish to maintain her position atop the overall leaderboard. Two stumbles halfway up the ramp, and the title went to Long.

Featured image: @onestrongb on Instagram

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