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2023 Bigman Weekend Bodybuilding Show Results


The 2023 Bigman Weekend Pro was held on the weekend of July 29-30, 2023, in Benidorm, Spain. It featured Men’s Open and Bikini division contests. At the end of the show, Roman Fritz was crowned Men’s Open winner, and Ivanna Escandar won the Bikini competition.

2023 Bigman Weekend Results

The final placings for all athletes are listed below:

Men’s Open

Roman Fritz (Germany)
Emir Omeragic (Germany)
Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles (Spain)
Pablo Llopis (Spain)
Krystian Wolski (Poland)
Jonny MC (United Kingdom)
Jordi Llucian Armengol (Spain)
Marco Sarcone (Italy)
Youngbeom Kim (South Korea)
Julio Mojica Lopez (Mexico)
Alessandro Orri (Italy)


Ivanna Escandar (Spain)
Kristina Brunauer (Austria)
Chantal Hill ( Spain)
Lisa Reith (Germany)
Jade Kelsie Wolfenden (United Kingdom)
Raina Stamatiadou (Greece)
Sofia Maudos Pia (Spain)
Claudia Clemente (Portugal)
Giuditta Taccani (Italy)
Alice Marchisio (Italy)
Noemi Cosentino (Italy)
Margherita Todeschini (Italy)
Sarah Neuheisel (Germany)
Martyna Derlat (England)
Camilla Porfito (Italy)

Tied for 16th

Alexandra Grave (Portugal)
Liliana Viana (Portugal 
Laura Ziv (France)

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Men’s Open Winner — Roman Fritz

This was Fritz’s third show of the 2023 season and his first pro career victory. He is now qualified to compete in his first Mr. Olympia at the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023.

Prior to this contest, Fritz’s best finish was second place at the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution show. He was also fifth at the 2023 Empro Pro

Second Place — Emir Omeragic

Germany enjoyed a one-two finish at this contest thanks to Emir Omeragic finishing as the runner-up. This was his fourth show of 2023 and his highest placing so far.

Omeragic had been third at the Arnold Classic South America and Mr. Big Evolution contests. His lowest placing was ninth at the Empro Pro.

Third Place — Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles

Jose Manuel Munoz Quiles was making his pro debut at this contest. It came less than three months after turning pro at the 2023 NPC Worldwide Ben Weider Classic Spain show. Making the top three in a pro debut is no small feat. Quiles showed he has the potential to be in the mix for a win at future shows.

Bikini Division Winner — Ivanna Escandar

Escandar was the defending champion in this contest. She had previously qualified for the 2023 Olympia by winning this show in 2022. Escandar’s victory blocked Brunauer from advancing to the Olympia since only winners advance to Orlando in 2023.

Escandar has only been competing as a pro since 2021, but this was her ninth pro win.

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Second Place — Kristina Brunauer

This was Kristina Brunauer’s sixth show of the 2023 season; she tied for her highest finish. She was the Fitness Authority Poland Pro runner-up. The cutoff for qualifying for the 2023 Olympia is Oct. 9, 2023. Brunauer still has time to compete in another show to score the requisite pro show victory to reach bodybuilding’s grandest stage.

Third Place — Chantal Hill

Hill is in her rookie season, and she’s placed in the top three for the second time in a row. She was second in the Mr. Big Evolution Pro contest. She may make the most of her first year in the pro ranks and keep competing. If she does, this may not be her final top-three finish, and a win could be in her future.

Featured Image: @romanfritz on Instagram 

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