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2023 BodyBe1 Classic Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview


Montgomery, AL, will host the 2023 BodyBe1 Classic Pro show on Saturday, June 17, 2023. Men’s Physique and Fitness athletes will pose and perform for victory and qualification to compete at the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023.

2023 BodyBe1 Classic Pro Rosters

The BodyBe1 Classic Pro will feature 18 Men’s Physique athletes and nine Fitness competitors. The full rosters are as follows.

Men’s Physique

Michael Augustino (USA)
Chris Barr (USA)
Victor Manuel Ramirez Chavez (Costa Rica)
Rodrigue Chesnier (USA)
Rhyan Clark (USA)
Gary Cooper (USA)
Drew Cullen (USA)
Aroldson Etienne (USA)
Anthony Gilkes (USA)
Juan Manuel Gochez (USA)
Michael Grayer (Canada)
Mehdi Kabbadj (USA)
Ephfram Mike Lawhorne (USA)
Jacques Lewis (USA)
John Murphy (USA)
Ranzino Valentine (USA)
William Wade (USA)
Deke Walker (USA)


Rene Brosch (USA)
Savahannah Byczek (USA)
Tiffany Chandler (USA)
Leila Hughel-Deeds (USA)
Carolina Frausto (USA)
Michelle Gales (USA)
Kristin Pope (USA)
Marlaina Shrives (USA)
Amanda Sink (USA)
Amber Steffen (USA)

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Men’s Physique Athletes to Watch

Below are likely contenders to score well in first callouts in the Men’s Physique contest:

Mehdi Kabbadj

Mehdi Kabbadj has already qualified for the Olympia, thanks to his win at the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow. He looking for a second straight win and thereby block another athlete from joining him on the Olympia stage in November.

Only show winners advance to the Olympia in the 2023 season. Kabbadj won the 2021 Toronto Pro Supershow is the only other pro win to his name.

Drew Cullen

Cullen has competed twice in the 2023 season already. He was the runner-up at the Palmetto Classic Pro, and he took third place at the 2023 Mile High Pro. This will be his first time competing in this contest.

Juan Manuel Gochez

Juan Manuel Gochez has already competed thrice this season, and his best finish was third at the 2023 DC Pro. He’s a second-year pro out of Orlando, FL, who is looking for his first career win.


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Fitness Athletes to Watch

The three Fitness athletes below are likely to score well during first callouts, and if their performances go as expected they 

Tiffany Chandler

According to the Olympia website, only five Fitness competitors have qualified for the Olympia already this season. Tiffany Chandler will look to become the sixth.

Chandler hasn’t competed since the 2020 Fitness Olympia, where she placed sixth. This show is in her home state, and she’s among the most experienced in the lineup. If there was ever a chance to make a successful return to the stage, this is it.

Kristin Pope

The 2022 Arnold Amateur champion has only competed once as a professional. She ranked sixth at the 2022 Boston Pro. This is her first contest appearance of the 2023 season.

Michelle Gales

Michelle Gales has come close to winning her first show on several occasions since making her debut in 2012. However, she has yet to hold gold on a pro stage.

Gales was the runner-up at the 2022 Chattanooga Night of Champions Pro, which was her best finish in five shows. This will be her first 2023 contest.

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