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2023 Clash on the Coast Results — Andrew Clayton, Sumer Johnson Victorious


The 2023 Clash on the Coast contest featuring strongman and strongwomen competition occurred on March 24-26, 2023, at the Beach Club Resort in Hilton Head, SC. The Men’s U105KG division and the Women’s U82KG division were contested in the South Carolina sun.

At the end of the three-day competition, Andrew Clayton narrowly claimed victory in the Men’s U105KG division with a half-point lead over Dan Hughes. Sumer Johnson emerged victorious in the Women’s U82KG division with four points to spare over runner-up Jodi Kennedy.

2023 Clash on the Coast Results

Check out the full results for both divisions below:

Men’s U105KG Results

Andrew Clayton — 49 points
Dan Hughes — 48.5 points
Matt McKeegan — 46.5 points
Richard Moczygemba — 42 points
Isaac Maze — 33 points
Tim Makowski — 29 points
Matt McQuiston — 28 points
Bob Schwantz — 24.5 points
Matt Powell — 22.5 points
Frank Provenzano — 20 points
Vince Wilkinson — 16.5 points
Eric Olmstead — 14.5 points

Maze was the defending champion heading into the 2023 contest. Four strongmen advanced past Maze during the competition, including Clayton. According to Strongman Archives, this marks the fourth major contest victory of Clayton’s strongman career.

Women’s U82KG Results

Sumer Johnson — 58 points
Jodi Kennedy — 54 points
Jessica Mitchell — 47 points
Carlee Olivera — 36 points
Sue Eger — 35 points
Anetka Brzakova — 28.5 points
Katie Gutwald — 28 points
Claire Myler — 24 points
Hanne Gauland — 15.5 points
Amalie Flowers — 14 points
Sophia Sharp — Eight points
Kaylynn Prough — Five points

This is Johnson’s third major contest appearance. It is the first win of Johnson’s strongwoman career. Johnson’s previous two contest appearances were a fifth-place finish at the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman contest and a fourth-place finish at the 2022 Arnold Amateur Strongwoman World Championships.

The head judge for the 2023 Clash on the Coast was American log lift record holder Bobby Thompson. The events that the athletes were tasked with for each day of competition are below.

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Day One Events

Press Medley
Frame Deadlift
Keg Toss
Tire Flip & Chain Drag
Arm-Over-Arm Truck Pull

Day Two Events

Cyr Dumbbell Clean & Press
Deadlift Medley
Yoke & Keg Medley
Head-to-Head Stone

Day Three Events

Log Clean & Press
Fatback Frame Carry
Sandbag, Yoke Push, Keg Medley
Keg Toss
Head-to-Head Stone

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