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2023 CrossFit Games Event 12 “Echo Thruster Final” Results


The final event of Individual competition at the 2023 CrossFit Games in Madison, WI, featured Echo bikes, thrusters, and walking lunges. Jeffrey Adler had an effective lock on the title of Fittest Man on Earth® following Roman Khrennikov‘s injury sustained in Event 10. 

Laura Horvath wore the leader’s jersey in the final heat for the Individual women’s division. She had two ranks to give to Lawson to maintain her spot atop the leaderboard.  Below are the results of the 2023 CrossFit Games final event:

2023 CrossFit Games Event 12 — “Echo Thruster Final”

For time, 21-18-15 reps of:

Echo Bike (for calories)
ThrustersWomen: 85, 95, 105 pounds | Men: 115, 135, 155 lb pounds


66-foot overhead walking lungeWomen: 105 pounds | Men: 155 pounds

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Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

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Individual Men’s Results — “Echo Thruster Final”

More men’s results forthcoming.

Dallin Pepper — 6:44.79
Samuel Kwant — 6:48.70
Justin Medeiros — 7:00.01
Jonne Koski — 7:08.92
Jeffrey Adler — 7:09.74
Jay Crouch — 7:11.94
Jelle Hoste — 7:17.49
Lazar Đukić — 7:24.11
Noah Ohlsen — 7:33.93
Colten Mertens — 7:42.89
Patrick Vellner — 7:46.27
Chandler Smith — 7:49.73
Brent Fikowski — 7:50.69
Spencer Panchik — 7:54.90
Bayley Martin — 7:58.90
Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 8:21.52
Nick Mathew — 8:29.84
Will Moorad — 8:34.61
Uldis Upenieks — 9:06.00
Roman Khrennikov — CAP + 98

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Individual Women’s Results — “Echo Thruster Final”

Olivia Kerstetter — 7:22.25
Katrin Davíðsdóttir — 7:33.41
Gabriela Migała — 7:40.61
Laura Horvath — 7:41.20
Emma Cary — 7:42.54
Emma Tall — 8:12.46
Emily Rolfe — 8:14.49
Danielle Brandon — 8:20.26
Emma Lawson — 8:21.07
Paige Powers — 8:26.31
Arielle Loewen — 8:28.94
Karin Freyová — 8:40.74
Alexis Raptis — 8:43.46
Annie Thorisdottir — 9:02.33
Shelby Neal — 9:06.61
Paige Semenza — 9:47.17
Bethany Flores — 9:50.03
Elisa Fuliano — CAP

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Echo Thruster Final Recap

The first heat for the men featured the two athletes vying for rookie of the year: Bayley Martin and Jelle Hoste. They were separated by nine points and shared the center of the competition floor.

Upenieks set the early pace on the echo bike, but Hoste wasn’t too far behind. Hoste overtook the lead and was the first athlete in the heat to the thrusters.

Medeiros and Kwant had a burst of energy through the thrusters to reach the Echo bike in the round of 15 together before the rest of the field. Hoste’s size was advantageous on the Echo bikes and utilized that to retake the lead to the second round of thrusters.

Kwant held the lead by the final Echo bike, thanks to taking less rest through the thrusters. Medeiros and Hoste were a handful of reps behind Kwant’s pace.

Kwant repped through the last of his thrusters alone. He completed the 66 feet of walking lunges first to score the heat in a time of just under seven minutes. Medeiros ranked second in the heat.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

The women’s first heat was the second on the competition floor. Flores was the first athlete to the initial round of thrusters. Tall, Rolfe, Thorisdottir, and Freyová were a pair of reps behind Flores.

Flores needed to take more rest on the 21 thrusters, allowing Thorisdottir and Rolfe to reach the round of 18 on the Echo bikes first. The former two-time Fittest Woman on Earth®, Thorisdottir, was building to a top 10 overall finish to close out the Games and led the field to the round of 18 thrusters with Rolfe.

By the final round of thrusters, Kerstetter had overtaken the lead by a handful of reps over Rolfe. Thorisdottir fell out of the lead pace as Kerstetter got to work first on the walking lunges. Kerstetter performed the lunges unbroken to win the heat in a time of  7:22.25.

It looked like Freyová was going to finish second, but a costly no-rep for dropping the barbell behind her head. That was compounded by Freyová performing a rep at the wrong starting point. She had to perform another rep to cross the finish line, and it cost her two ranks.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

The second heat for the women took the floor for the penultimate heat of the Games. Lawson was out to an early lead going hard on the Echo bike. Horvath appeared to pace herself but stayed within a pair of reps of Lawson.

Lawson and Davíðsdóttir were the first to the thrusters. Lawson locked out two reps before Horvath got to her barbell. However, Horvath’s cycle rate was much faster, and she overtook Lawson’s pace.

Davíðsdóttir set the lead pace entering the round of 18. Lauson was a pair of reps back from Horvath and needed to beat the Hungarian by three ranks to take the top spot on the podium.

Horvath was at her barbell before Lawson. Horvath was six reps head of Lawson, and it looked like Horvath would hold her ground for the throne. The final round on the Echo bike featured Hovath in a tie for the lead with Cary.

Cary was the first to the final barbell. Horvath didn’t need to concern herself with Cary scoring the top time; Horvath only needed to best Lawson. Horvath finished her thrusters and took a significant amount of rest before beginning her walking lunges to the finish line.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

Davíðsdóttir led the heat in the final stretch and closed with a heat-winning time of 7:33.41. Horvath crossed the line to finish fourth in the event and first overall. Laura Horvath is the Fittest Woman on Earth®.

Given that Khrennikov would not be able to move at his max capacity due to the foot injury he sustained in Event 10, Adler was a near-mathematical lock to be the Fittest Man on Earth®. However, the rest of the podium was still up for grabs between Fikowski, Vellner, and Khrennikov.

Gudmundsson, Dukic, and Smith were the first three athletes to reach the round of 21 thrusters. Fikowski’s cycle rate was the fastest to overtake the lead next to Koski. Adler wasn’t far behind them as they moved to the round of 18.

Pepper excelled through the Echo bike to make it to his barbell first. Crouch wasn’t far back, and Fikowski and Koski stayed their tempo toward the front of the pack.

Pepper, Koski, and Fikowski continued to lead by the final round on the bike. Adler was in the middle of the pack in the heat, he would go uncontested for the top of the podium.

Pepper had a five-rep lead on the rest of the heat by the final round of thrusters. He gave it up as Kocki took fewer breaks through his 15 reps. Pepper utilized Kwant’s trick of breaking right before the final thruster to move from the last rep right into walking lunges.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

Pepper performed the lunges unbroken to take the event win in a time of 6:44.79. Adler closed the door, finishing third in the event to become the Fittest Man on Earth®.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

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