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2023 CrossFit Games Event 5 “Ski Erg” Results


The penultimate event for the Individuals on the second day of their 2023 CrossFit Games was a fast one combining ski erg and sandbag squats. The ski erg favored the heavier athletes, and the sandbag squats favored the shorter athletes.

Roman Khrennikov and Alexis Raptis entered as the overall leaders for the Individual men and Individual women, respectively. Below are the results:

2023 CrossFit Games Event Five — “Ski Bag”

For time:

30-calorie Ski Erg
30 sandbag squatsWomen: 125 pounds | Men: 200 pounds
20-calorie Ski Erg 
20 sandbag squats — Women: 125 pounds | Men: 200 pounds

Time cap: six minutes

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Individual Men’s Results — “Ski Erg”

Colten Mertens — 4:30.60
Samuel Kwant — 4:34.75
Justin Medeiros — 4:51.88
Jelle Hoste — 4:53.48
Bronislaw Olenkowicz — 4:54.44
Patrick Vellner — 4:55.13
Chandler Smith — 4:57.11
Jeffrey Adler — 4:59.86
Roman Khrennikov — 5:00.83
Jake Douglas — 5:05.72
Nick Mathew — 5:08.11
Will Moorad — 5:09.43
Bayley Martin — 5:10.29
Jayson Hopper — 5:10.66
Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 5:16.12
Jonne Koski — 5:19.54
Fabien Beneito — 5:22.92
Moritz Fiebig — 5:23.54
Lazar Dukic — 5:27.54
Jack Farlow — 5:28.59
Brent Fikowski — 5:29.54
Jay Crouch — 5:33.46
Cole Sager — 5:36.10
Cole Greashaber — 5:39.70
David Shorunke — 5:42.01
Noah Ohlsen — 5:47.65
Samuel Cournoyer — 5:54.68
Kaique Cerveny — 5:57.00
Dallin Pepper — CAP
Henrik Haapalainen — CAP + Two
Uldis Upenieks — CAP + Four
Luke Parker — CAP + Four
Michal Wesolowski — CAP + Five
James Sprague — CAP + 10
Ant Haynes — CAP + 13
Spencer Panchik — CAP + 13
Alex Vigneault — CAP + 13
Arthur Semenov — CAP + 14
Kalyan Souza — CAP + 15

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Individual Women’s Results — “Ski Erg”

Women’s results forthcoming.

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Individual Men’s Ski Erg Recap

Heat one for the men was the Samuel Kwant welcome party. He was the first athlete to clear the ski erg. He cleaned the sandbag and went unbroken through the first round of squats.

Douglas was the closest athlete to Kwant by the time the former Games runner-up returned to the ski erg, but Kwant gave no ground. He had an eight-rep lead in the final set of squats and scored the heat win with a time of 4:34.75.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

Olenkowicz, Farlow, Shorunke, and Hopper were in the lead at the beginning of heat two, showing the advantage of being among the bigger athletes on the floor. Olenkowicz was the speediest on the first round of squats and reached the second ski erg first with Moorad in tow.

Olenkowicz furthered his lead through the second ski erg, holding a five-rep gap to cross the finish line 20 seconds behind Kwant’s time.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

In heat three, the mad dash out of the gate on the ski erg saw Mertens take an early lead. Mertens’ prowess in the squat allowed him to speed through the clean and clear his way down the course. He never let up and scored the time to beat at a hair over four and a half minutes.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

Athletes in heat four had the chance to strategize their run to challenge Mertens’ top time. There was little separation among the pack in the opening ski erg.

The entire heat marched to the sandbags together. Cournoyer and Khrennikov had the lead pace by approximately a rep but remained tight to the second ski erg.

Khrennikov was the first to the final round of squats with Adler on his tail. Mertens’ time was in no danger of being eclipsed. Smith overtook Khrennikov in the final moments to take the heat win by two seconds.

Image courtesy of CrossFit LLC

Individual Women’s Ski Erg Recap

Women’s recap forthcoming.

Finishing Day Four

The last event on the second day of competition for the Individuals is “Helena,” a variation of a benchmark workout. We’ll see if Medeiros can continue to mount his comeback following the worst start to any Games in his career as Khrennikov tries to maintain his overall lead.

Featured image courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

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