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2023 CrossFit Open Workout 23.1 Results — Emma Cary and Roman Khrennikov Top the Leaderboards


The scores for workout 23.1 of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Open have been submitted. The scores of top-10 athletes in the Individual men’s and Individual women’s divisions have been validated by their affiliates.

These results garner an unofficial leaderboard and, with it, a look into the first score of the opening stage of the Games season:

Women’s CrossFit Open Workout 23.1 Results

Emma Cary — 278 reps
Mallory O’Brien — 268 reps
Laura Horvath — 261 reps
Jacqueline Dahlstrøm — 261 reps
Jamie Simmonds — 260 reps
Samantha Briggs — 258 reps
Emma Lawson — 256 reps
Feeroozeh Saghafi — 254 reps
Arielle Loewen — 253 reps
Gabriela Migała — 253 reps

Men’s CrossFit Open Workout 23.1 Results

Roman Khrennikov — 306 reps
Cole Greashaber — 304 reps
Patrick Vellner — 304 reps
Guillaume Briant — 303 reps
Giorgos Karavis — 300 reps
Jeffrey Adler — 298 reps
Ricky Garard — 298 reps
Royce Dunne — 297 reps
Jelle Hoste — 297 reps
Victor Hoffer — 296 reps

Note: the results above are unofficial, pending a final review by CrossFit.

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23.1 Takeaways  — Individual Women’s Division

Emma Cary appears fully recovered from her back injury sustained in the 2022 Open that ended her 2022 season. The 19-year-old broke the previous record in this Open workout of 256 reps by 22 reps. This Open workout win is the second of Cary’s career. She previously won 21.2 en route to ranking second in the 2021 Open behind Tia-Clair Toomey.

Speaking of record breakers, the previous record holder, Samantha Briggs, placed sixth in 23.1, besting her performance from 14.4 by two reps. The 41-year-old Briggs announced last year that she was stepping away from competition to concentrate on her career as a firefighter but remains an elite athlete.

Fitness Has Evolved

Seven women either broke or tied Brigg’s previous record from the 2014 Open.

2022 Open champion, Mal O’Brien, placed second behind Cary by 10 reps. O’Brien’s second-place finish is the fourth-straight top-two finish in the Open for the 19-year-old. Since competing in the elite division in 2021, O’Brien has placed in the top five in six of eight Open workouts, including two wins and five top-two finishes. She has a career average placing of 27th in Open workouts.

Laura Horvath and Gabriela Migała performed 23.1 during the CrossFit Open live announcement but had their score invalidated due to CrossFit misleading their barbells. Horvath completed 261 reps on her redo — five reps fewer than in the live announcement with a lighter bar. Migała did better, finishing with 253 reps on her redo after finishing 239 at the lighter weight.

Eighteen-year-old Emma Lawson placed seventh. It is her best career finish in an Open workout. Lawson was one of four teen-division alums who finished in the top 10 in 23.1, joining O’Brien, Cary, and Migała.

Notable Finishes

France’s Laurie Clement is the only woman who finished in the top 20 who does not have a Games appearance.

Turkey’s Seher Kaya placed 50th and is the only woman from the Asia region to finish in the top 50, though one of three in the top 100. Africa was not represented by any woman in the top 100 aside. South America had four.

Seventeen-year-old Trista Smith sits in 67th place, followed by Olivia Kerstetter in 98th.

Notable names outside the top 200 worldwide include Katrín Davíðsdóttir (215th), Emily Bridgers (330th), Sydney Wells (331st), Michelle Basnett (397th), Eik Gylfadottir (407th), Julia Kato (476th), Steph Chung (479th), Stacie Tovar (483rd).

23.1 Takeaways — Individual Men’s Division

Roman Khrennikov shattered the previous world record of 277 reps set by Rich Froning during the 2014 Open and the subsequent 286 reps by Lazar Đukić during the 23.1 live announcement. Khrennikov trains out of Froning’s CrossFit Mayhem under the four-time Fittest Man on Earth®’s watchful eye. It’s the Russian’s first career Open win; his previous best finish was fourth in 20.5 when he placed a career-best 10th in the 2020 Open.

Cole Greashaber and Patrick Vellner tied with 304 reps, but the 23-year old American completed his 30 cleans five seconds faster than his Canadian counterpart to claim the tiebreaker. Greashaber is a teen division alum and it this the best Open workout finish of his young career.

Vellner’s third-place finish is his eighth top-five career Open finish and his highest finish since placing second in 20.5. His 304 reps are 104 reps better than the score he put up back in 2014.

Records Are Made To Be Broken

Seventy-three athletes, including Froning, either broke or tied Froning’s previous record from 2014. Froning bested his previous record by three reps, finishing with 280 and placing 51st worldwide. 

France’s Victor Hoffer placed 10th with 296 reps, the highest career finish in the Open for the 20-year-old. Reigning and defending two-time Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros placed 83rd worldwide with 275 reps.

Some notable names that are outside the top 200 worldwide include Willy Georges (225th), Khan Porter (236th), Chandler Smith (266th), Tim Paulson (287th), Sam Dancer (354th), Dan Bailey (442nd), Brent Fikowski (3,338th).

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