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2023 District of Taiwan Pro Bodybuilding Show Results — Yoo Sung Lee and Areum Song Win


The 2023 District of Taiwan Pro Men’s Physique and Bikini division contests were held on Sunday, July 2, in the District of Taiwan. Two athletes left with wins and 2023 Olympia qualifications.

Yoon Sung Lee earned gold in Men’s Physique, and Areum Song was crowned in the Bikini division.  As a result, both are qualified for the 2023 Olympia in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023. The final placings for both shows are listed below:

2023 District of Taiwan Pro Results — Men’s Physique

Yoon Sung Lee (South Korea)
Wang Hsiang (No Country Listed)
Minsu Kim (South Korea)
Tomohito Koike (Japan)
Farouq Ishimoto (Japan)
Tom McNarma (Australia)
Tak Lam Charly Chau (HKSAR)
Ajith Raja (India)
Wu Chi Hung (No Country Listed)
Woo Young Seo (South Korea)
Munkh-Od Munkhnar (Mongolia)
Hyeon Jo Jung (South Korea)
Renyi Xie (China)
Gunseung Lee (South Korea)
Chuan Yu Liu (District of Taiwan)

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Winner — Yoon Sung Lee

Prior to this show, Yoon Sung Lee was third in the 2023 AGP Men’s Physique Pro show. He apparently learned from that experience and made improvements as they converted his qualification to make his Olympia debut in November 2023. 

Yoon Sung Lee is still allowed to compete in additional pro shows. However, if he scores gold again, the Olympia qualification will not be handed down to the runner-up, effectively blocking another athlete from qualifying for the Olympia.

Second Place — Wang Hsiang

Wang Hsiang made his professional debut at the 2023 District of Taiwan, having earned his pro card by winning the amateur contest at this show. He made a big first impression as the pre-judging round was the only round scored, and all the judges ranked him second overall.

Third Place — Minsu Kim

Like winner Yoon Sung Lee, Minsu Kim is also a native of South Korea and made big improvements since his 10th-place finish at the 2023 AGP Men’s Physique Pro show. This was only his second pro show, and he ascended seven placings between shows.

2023 District of Taiwan Pro Results — Bikini Division

Areum Song (South Korea)
Sara Choi (South Korea)
Uyanga Bataa (Mongolia)
Heather Hei Man Kam (HKSAR)
Elizaveta Dementera (Russia)
Anita Chen (District of Taiwan)
Kirstina Ivanova (Russia)
Yume Kurokawa (Japan)
Wang Machen (No Country Listed)
Cecilia Liang (District of Taiwan)
Tsai Jengwen (No Country Listed
Jisun Kim (South Korea)
Bridget Bailey (Australia)
Josephine Yeong (Malaysia)

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Winner — Areum Song

Areum Song is a rookie in the IFBB Pro League. This marks her first pro win in just her second pro show. She ranked 11th overall at the 2023 New York Pro. She will now join the rest of the field at the 2023 Bikini Olympia in Orlando this November.

Second Place — Sara Choi

Choi finished as the runner-up for the second time this season. She won silver previously at the 2023 Musclecontest Japan Pro. If she wants to qualify for the Olympia for the third time, she will have to compete at least one more time and secure a win.

Third Place — Uyanga Bataa

Bataa was the 2023 NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Korea champion. This was her IFBB Pro League debut. Competing in the pro ranks is a bigger challenge, but she still managed an impressive top-three finish.

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