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2023 HYROX North American Championships Results — David Magida, Mikaela Norman Don the Crowns


The 2023 HYROX North American Championships took place on Feb. 11, 2023, in Chicago, IL. It was one of the three major races that comprise the 2023 HYROX elite division’s season. The first was the 2023 HYROX European Championships on Jan. 22, 2023, in Maastricht, Netherlands, won by Alexander Roncevic and Lauren Weeks in the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively.

In Chicago, David Magida of the USA and Mikaela Norman of Sweden ascended the throne of their respective divisions. Magida was one of only two athletes across the field to finish the race in under an hour. The other was the elite men’s runner-up and Magida’s countryman, Dylan Scott. 

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2023 HYROX North American Championships Results

Check out the results for both divisions below:

Elite Men’s Division

David Magida (USA) — 59:11
Dylan Scott (USA) — 59:45
Michael Sandbach (GBR) — 1:00:27
Alexander Roncevic (AUT) — 1:02:00
Joffrey Voisin (FRA) — 1:02:10
Tim Wenisch (GER) — 1:02:12
Ryan Kent (USA) — 1:02:37
Colin Stiefer (USA) — 1:02:23
Florian Gast (GER) — 1:04:02
Patrick Grewe (GER) — 1:04:16
Jonathan Wynn (AUS) — 1:04:23
Jose Salama (ESP) — 1:06:14
Jordan Bryant (GBR) — 1:08:33
Alfons Deu Ruiz (ESP) — 1:09:08
Steffen Blekkan (NOR) — 1:15:01

Elite Women’s Division

Mikaela Norman (SWE) — 1:02:04
Megan Jacoby (USA) — 1:02:43
Lauren Weeks (USA) — 1:03:44
Alandra Greelee (USA) — 1:04:13
Vivian Tafuto (USA) — 1:06:03
Terra Jackson (USA) — 1:07:46
Viola Oberländer (GER) — 1:07:49
Bridget Brown (USA) — 1:08:24
Camilla Massa (USA) — 1:09:31
Linda Meier (GER) — 1:10:22
Kris Rugolski (USA) — 1:11:00
Evi Janzen (USA) — 1:20:54

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Norman won her division by nearly 40 seconds after deciding nearly last-minute to compete in the competition. According to her Instagram post summarizing her victory, she wrote in the caption that she decided to fly to Chicago two weeks prior to the race.
While Magida might have known he was going to run the race in Chicago, but it was uncertain if he would be at 100 percent by the time the starting gun fired. A week before the 2023 North American Championships, Magida mentioned on his social media that he was just regaining his strength after a bout of the flu. Fortunately for him, he seemed recovered and then some as he smoked the competition, finishing 44 seconds faster than his next closest competitor.
With a plethora of races leading up to it, the 2023 HYROX World Championships is the third major race of the season for the HYROX elite division. It is scheduled for May 26, 2023, in Manchester, UK. HYROX Houston on Feb. 25, 2023, and HYROX Vienna a day later are the two remaining races in February 2023.

Featured image: @davidmagida and @normanmikaela on Instagram

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