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2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview


Eight-time Ms. Olympia winner Lenda Murray has been contributing to bodybuilding as a promoter in recent years. Her next show is the 2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro, scheduled for Saturday, July 15, 2023, in Atlanta, GA.

Nine of the IFBB Pro League’s 11 divisions will host contests. Each division’s winner will qualify to compete in their respective division at the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023.

2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro Rosters

The rosters for all nine contests are below:

212 Bodybuilding

Jason Hebert (USA)
John Jewett (USA)
Patrick Johns (USA)
Kevin Johnson (USA)
Jose Marte (USA)
Francisco Mercado Jr. (USA)
Diego A. Guerra Montoya (USA)
Shane Stewart (USA)
Nate Telow (USA)

Classic Physique

Krimo Ammari (UAE)
Zeek Andrews (USA)
Theodore Atkins Jr. (USA)
Anthony Barbera III (USA)
Rodrigo Coelho (Brazil)
Miguel Dominguez (USA)
Carlos Dommar (USA)
Corelle Draper (USA)
Yunlong Fan (China)
Farzad Ghotbi (Canada)
Matthew Greggo (USA)
Duquann Hinton (USA)
Jim Holcomb (USA)
Keith Jenkins (USA)
Keith Lanier (USA)
Christopher C.P. London (USA)
Miguel Sanchez Lopez (Puerto Rico)
Ricardo Martinez (USA)
Olushomo Oni (USA)
Antwoine Powers (USA)
Jose Tirado Rodriguez (USA)
Tyler Sibley (USA)
Aaron Sparenberg (USA)
Tyler Tallent (USA)
Tim Tevin (USA)
Jeremiah Willies (USA)

Men’s Physique

Joaquim Camps Angel (Spain)
Montae Bailey (USA)
Derryl Bryant (USA)
Xavier Jaime Canales (Puerto Rico)
Rhyan Clark (USA)
Ismael Dominguez (Mexico)
Carlos Duque (USA)
Jason Hazzard (USA)
Xavier Hunter (USA)
Luis Alonzo Leon (Costa Rica)
Jacques Lewis (USA)
Clarence McSpadden (USA)
Ramses Rams (Spain)
Kevin Rascoe (USA)
John Stanley Sarmiento (USA)
Kenneth Speight (USA)
Irving Steele (USA)
Derrick Stevenson (USA)
Cordell Waddey (USA)
Deke Walker (USA)

Women’s Bodybuilding

MayLa Ash (USA)
Michaela Aycock (USA)
Desunka Dawson (USA)
Selyka Givan (USA)
Tamara Makar (USA)
LaDawn McDay (USA)
Wendy Sanchez (USA)

Women’s Physique

Sarena Berish (USA)
Bridget Gladmon (USA)
Isabelle Jackson (USA)
Marika Jones (USA)
Chunmi Kang (China)
Kristyn Lia (Australia)
Kristy McAulliffe (USA)
Amy McKown (USA)
Renee Reefschlaeger (USA)
Alison Serbentas (USA)
Justina Threadgill (USA)
Sheena Washington (USA)
Heidi Noel Worrell-Osborne (USA)


Savahannah Byczek (USA)
Stacy Dawn (USA)
Ashley Downes (USA)
Michelle Gales (USA)
Allison Kramer (USA)
Kristin Pope (USA)
Amanda Sink (USA)
Amber Steffen (USA)
Aurika Tyrgale (Russia)
Annaleise Varga (Australia)


Shanice Abrams (USA)
Jossie Alarcon (Mexico)
Arya Bahar (Germany)
Danielle Barros (USA)
Stephanie Caldwell (USA)
Mariko Cobbs (USA)
Lu Faustin (USA)
Kim Golembiewski (USA)
Ashley Kelsey (USA)
Evelyn Kennedy (USA)
Sandee L. Lark (USA)
Dr. Adrienne Matthews (USA)
Jessica McWilliams (USA)
Jen Meade (USA)
Adela Ondrejovicova (Slovakia)
Lakeisha Roulhac (USA)
Virgie Santiago Serrano (Puerto Rico)
Mariana Staccioli (USA)
Andrea Villalobos (USA)


Belen Altamirano (USA)
Elisangela Angell (USA)
Denetra Blackshear (USA)
Irka Carrasquillo (Puerto Rico)
Jackie Cheney (USA)
Megan D’Ginto (USA)
Savannah Dolezal (USA)
Miriam Egan (USA)
Alessia Facchin (Italy)
Claudia Garcia (USA)
Violeta Garcia (USA)
Kasey Gartner (USA)
Tara Grier (USA)
Niccole Guggia (USA)
Ashley Hampton (USA)
Michelle Jones (USA)
Dalila Kindermann (Brazil)
Adair Libbrecht (Canada)
Lizzie Martinez (USA)
Vanessa Guzman Niebla (USA)
Amber Pacholok (USA)
Michelle Pirela (USA)
Fatimah Ray (USA)
Belinda Rivera (USA)
Colleen Seitel (USA)
Leah Walter (USA)


Maria Paulette Aranguren (Spain)
Keana Burr (USA)
Johanna Calcano (USA)
Normarie L. Fonseca (Puerto Rico)
Jossiemar Rosado Galindo (Puerto Rico)
Michelle Ibata (Brazil)
Amy Li (USA)
Rogli Nonato (USA)
Debora Paula de Oliveira (Brazil)
Cassandra Pennington (USA)
Keila Rodrigues Dos Santos (USA)
Edna Ferreira de Souza (USA)
Shelby Talon (USA)
Kat Williams (USA)

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212 Division Athletes to Watch

Below are three athletes aiming to impress in the 212 pre-judging to contend for gold:

Diego A. Guerra Montoya

Diego A. Guerra Montoya made his pro debut at the 2023 New York Pro, and he came close to winning it, ultimately placing second to champion Kerrith Bajjo. He had size and shape and showed a lot of definition. If he can match that look or surpass it, he could move on to the Olympia. 

Jason Hebert

Jason Hebert took the 2022 season off. He made his return to the stage at the 2023 New York Pro. He surprised the fans and judges with his improvements and was rewarded with the bronze medal.

The fourth-year pro hasn’t won a pro contest yet, but his chances as good in Atlanta. If he does win, he would qualify for the Olympia for the first time.

John Jewett

Jewett placed as high as fourth in the 212 Olympia in 2019, but he fell to 13th in 2020. He bounced back to ninth overall in the 2021 212 Olympia. Jewitt didn’t compete in 2022, and this will be his 2023 season debut.

Jewitt hasn’t won a contest since the 2019 Tampa Pro. He originally planned to enter the 2023 Chicago Pro but decided to enter this contest with less than two weeks of prep.


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A post shared by MayLa Ash (@maylaash)

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Women’s Bodybuilding Athletes to Watch

Women’s Bodybuilding is stacked at this contest. Three of the favorites are below:

MayLa Ash

As a Women’s Bodybuilding legend, it makes sense that Murray would have a contest for her division, and there are seven contenders. One of the favorites could be MayLa Ash, who finished second to Andrea Shaw at the 2022 Rising Phoenix World Championships.

Ash has finished as high as fourth on the Ms. Olympia stage, which she did in 2020. Ash has competed in Figure and Women’s Physique before moving up to bodybuilding, and she has two wins in her current division so far.

Michaela Aycock

Aycock was sixth at the 2022 Ms. Olympia, won by Shaw. Aycock won the 2022 Atlanta Pro, so she enters this show as a defending champion. The winner of this contest will be the seventh entrant into the 2023 Ms. Olympia, and none of the athletes for this show are qualified as of yet.

If Aycock wins, she will enter her fourth career Olympia between Women’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Physique.

LaDawn McDay

McDay has been an IFBB Pro since 2014 and was in the Ms. Olympia lineup in 2020 and 2021. McDay ranked 12th and 13th in those contests, respectively.

McDay has won two pro shows in her career: the 2021 Lenda Murray Norfolk Pro and the 2020 Tampa Pro. This will be her first pro appearance since the 2021 Olympia.

Featured image: @themsolympia on Instagram | Photo via Bill Dobbins.

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