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2023 Siberian Power Show Results — Dmitrii Skosyrskii Victorious


On the same weekend where Ukrainian Pavlo Kordiyaka ascended the podium at the 2023 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) contest at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England, the 2023 Siberian Power Show featured 11 strongmen in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Two Russians shared the top two spots on the podium, with Dmitrii Skosyrskii claiming the gold over fellow countryman David Shamey by 1.5 points. Iran’s Peiman Maheripourehir claimed the bronze, 2.5 points behind Shamey. The final standings are below:

2023 Siberian Power Show Results

Dmitrii Skosyrskii (Russia) — 58 points
David Shamey (Russia) — 48.5 points
Peiman Maheripourehir (Iran) — 46 points
Vladimir Bulgakov (Russia) — 38 points
Reza Gheitasi (Iran) — 36.5 points
Wesley Claborn (USA) — 31 points
Aurélien Le Jeune (France) — 29.5 points
Petr Bukhonov (Russia) — 28.5 points
Ramil Ramazanov (Russia) — 26 points
Valery Savin (Russia) — 25.5 points
Alexander Kuzmin (Russia) — 12.5 points

The contest featured six events over two days, including a Max Deadlift, a Frame Carry, a Loading Race, a Hercules Hold, a Cyr Dumbbells, and a Max Atlas Stone.


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The scores below are courtesy of Strongman Archives.

Max Deadlift

In the deadlift, it should be no surprise that Maheripouehir trounced the competition. The Iranian has the third-heaviest deadlift ever on camera. He is on the shortlist of athletes who could legitimately challenge the heaviest deadlift ever of 501 kilograms pulled by 2018 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Hafthor Björnsson.

Peiman Maheripourehir — 435 kilograms
Dmitrii Skosyrskii — 430 kilograms
Wesley Claborn — 420 kilograms
Vladimir Bulgakov — 410 kilograms
David Shamey — 380 kilograms
Aurélien Le Jeune — 370 kilograms
Reza Gheitasi — 360 kilograms (T-seventh)
Alexander Kuzmin — 360 kilograms (T-seventh)
Petr Bukhonov — 350 kilograms (T-ninth)
Ramil Ramazanov — 350 kilograms (T-ninth)
Valery Savin — 340 kilograms

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Frame Carry

The Frame Carry featured a 408-kilogram frame. 

Peiman Maheripourehir — less than 14.5 seconds
Dmitrii Skosyrskii — 14.50 seconds
Vladimir Bulgakov — 15 seconds
David Shamey — 16.72 seconds
Ramil Ramazanov — 20.50 seconds
Petr Bukhonov — 26.56 seconds
Aurélien Le Jeune — 30.09 seconds
Wesley Claborn — 51.38 seconds
Reza Gheitasi — 19 meters
Valery Savin — 17.7 meters
Alexander Kuzmin — 11.2 meters

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Loading Race

The Loading Race was comprised of 120, 150, and 180-kilogram sacks.

David Shamey — three in less than 39.48 seconds
Peiman Maheripourehir — three in 39.48 seconds
Reza Gheitasi — three in 61.84 seconds
Dmitrii Skosyrskii — two in 22.11 seconds
Petr Bukhonov — two in 24.10 seconds
Wesley Claborn — two in 25.23 seconds
Vladimir Bulgakov — two in 29.92 seconds
Valery Savin — two in 34.98 seconds
Aurélien Le Jeune — two in 35.79 seconds
Ramil Ramazanov — two in 46.75 seconds
Alexander Kuzmin — two in 49.38 seconds

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Hercules Hold

Dmitrii Skosyrskii — 40.97 seconds
Vladimir Bulgakov — 39.25 seconds
Reza Gheitasi — 35.53 seconds
Valery Savin — 32.56 seconds
Aurélien Le Jeune — 31.85 seconds
Alexander Kuzmin — 31.16 seconds
David Shamey — 29.38 seconds
Peiman Maheripourehir — 25.78 seconds
Petr Bukhonov — 24.47 seconds
Ramil Ramazanov — 24.00 seconds
Wesley Claborn — 20.00 seconds

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Cyr Dumbbell

The Cyr Dumbbell event included three dumbbells weighing 110, 130, and 146 kilograms. Half the roster was unable to lift the first dumbbell and therefore scored zero points in the event.

Dmitrii Skosyrskii
David Shamey
Ramil Ramazanov
Wesley Claborn
Petr Bukhonov
Valery Savin
Vladimir Bulgakov — no lift
Reza Gheitasi — no lift
Aurélien Le Jeune — no lift
Alexander Kuzmin — no lift
Peiman Maheripourehir — no lift

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Max Atlas Stone

Only scores for the top there placings were listed. However, Kuzmin was tabulated for zero points for failing to secure a lift.

Reza Gheitasi — 250 kilograms
Peiman Maheripourehir — 236 kilograms
Dmitrii Skosyrskii — 220 kilograms (T-third)
Aurélien Le Jeune — 220 kilograms (T-third)
David Shamey
Vladimir Bulgakov
Ramil Ramazanov 
Wesley Claborn (T-eighth)
Petr Bukhonov (T-eighth)
Valery Savin (T-eighth)
Alexander Kuzmin — no lift

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