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2023 Tupelo Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview


There are five IFBB Pro League contests taking place on the weekend of Aug. 11-13, 2023. One of them is the 2023 Tupelo Pro in Tupelo, MS, featuring Classic Physique and Figure division shows. The winners of each contest will qualify for the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023, if they are not qualified already.

2023 Tupelo Pro Rosters

The rosters for both divisions are below, with names in alphabetical order:

Classic Physique

Aaron Aramini (Canada)
Anthony Barbera III (USA)
Chris Barnes (USA)
Jordan Carroll (USA)
Rodrigo Coelho (Brazil)
Miguel Dominguez (USA)
Tony Duong (USA)
Seth Goss (USA)
Kelvin Hinde (United Kingdom)
James Houston (USA)
Vincent Krause (USA)
Vladimir Markov (USA)
Eduardo Oliveira (Brazil)
Melvin Feliciano Rivera (USA)
Daniel Sullivan (USA)
Jared Thompson (USA)
Andrew Wilson (USA)
Casey Wilson (USA)
Rodrick Winnick (USA)


Shanice Abrams (USA)
Marcela Barros (Argentina)
Okyu Basar (Turkey)
Desmone Black-Thompson (USA)
Kim Clark (USA)
Kelly Dominick (USA)
Spree Dyess(USA)
Adriana Galarza (USA)
Ashley Garcia (USA)
Sandy Hill (USA)
Ashley Howells (USA)
Jennifer Johnson (USA)
Sandee Lark (USA)
Felisha Livezey (USA)
Jessica McWilliams (USA)
Brittany Offers (Canada)
Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)
Danielle Rose (USA)
Kenia Soto (USA)
Mariana Staccioli (USA)
Sasha Vitalis (USA)
Thais Cabrices Werner (USA)
Ronshende Whittington (USA)
Devon Winn (USA)

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Classic Physique Athletes to Watch

Below are three of the Classic Physique athletes likely to score well enough for first call outs.

Tony Duong

Tony Duong was one of the competitors in the 2022 Classic Physique Olympia lineup. He finished outside the top 15. The 2022 San Diego Championships winner will make his 2023 season debut in his contest and is a top early pick for a first call-out.

Anthony Barbera III 

Anthony Barbera III finished outside the top 15 at the 2022 Olympia. He last competed in the 2023 Chicago Pro, where he ranked ninth overall. His only pro win is the 2022 Atlantic Coast Pro. He will have to be better than he was in Chicago to beat out this roster.

Rodrick Winnick

The 2022 NPC Junior Nationals winner will make his pro debut at this show. Winnick has the potential to be a successful pro, but preparing for a pro show is much different than an amateur contest. His poise and confidence will serve him well as he stands next to established pros in what will likely be a first callout.

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Figure Athletes to Watch

Below are three Figure athletes who could contend for the podium.

Shanice Abrams

Maryland native Shanice Abrams was 14th in the 2022 Figure Olympia and will make her third attempt to qualify for the 2023 Olympia. She was third in the 2023 Chicago Pro and second at the 2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro. The third-year pro is the early favorite to win her second pro show here. 

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Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose has competed four times in the 2023 season. She finished in the top five in each of those contests. Her most recent show was the 2023 Tampa Pro, where she finished fifth overall. Rose has been in the hunt for the gold at several shows in her pro career, but that first win has eluded her. 

Lena Ramsteiner

Lena Ramsteiner was in the 2022 Figure Olympia, but she failed to make the top 15. Outside of that show, she’s been in the top three in three pro shows since 2021. Her lone win came at the 2022 Mr. Big Evolution Pro. She was third in the Tampa Pro, which was one week before this show.

Featured image: @tony_duong on Instagram

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