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2023 World’s Strongest Man Event Nine “Fingal’s Fingers” Results


The closing event of Day Three of the 2023 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Final was Fingal’s Fingers. A fan-favorite event that challenged each of the 10 finalists to lift and topple five pillars weighing 320, 340, 350, and 380 pounds in the fastest time possible.

The Fingal’s Fingers event was initially scheduled to kick off at 8:00 a.m. on the street parallel to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. However, wind, rain, and a “Beach Hazards Statement” of moderate severity, according to the National Weather Service, delayed the proceedings instead. The event was moved to the end of the day.

The athletes ran in two-man heats. Strongman Nick Best alluded to the Fingal’s Fingers as the most dangerous event the athletes would perform in the Final. Below are the results:

2023 World’s Strongest Man Fingal’s Finger Results

Tom Stoltman — five in 39.36 seconds
Oleksii Novikov — five in 42.26 seconds
Trey Mitchell — five in 48.46 seconds
Pavlo Kordiyaka — five in 48.69 seconds
Evan Singleton — five in 49.85 seconds
Mitchell Hooper — five in 49.89 seconds
Brian Shaw — four in 26.69 seconds
Luke Stoltman — four in 32.54 seconds
Mathew Ragg — four in 35.03 seconds
Jaco Schoonwinkel — four in 40.76 seconds

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Image courtesy of World’s Strongest Man

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Heat One — Luke Stoltman vs. Pavlo Kordiyaka

Stoltman took the stage in knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, a lifting belt, sunglasses, and a pair of gloves. Kordiyaka wore a t-shirt. 

Both men moved deftly through the first two fingers. Stoltman cleared the third finger first, but Kordiyaka made up the time on the fourth and successfully cleared the fifth with a “Are you not entertained” pose to the crowd. Luke attempted the fifth finger, but it was too much for the Scotsman.

Heat Two — Evan Singleton vs. Jaco Schoonwinkel

Singleton entered the field of play in his signature backward baseball cap, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, and a lifting belt. Schoonwinkel wore the same, except his baseball cap came off beforehand. Singleton’s training partner palm-slapped Singleton’s C.T. junction to pump him up, and the two strongmen headed to their respective starting positions.

Image courtesy of World’s Strongest Man

Singleton established a lead by the fourth finger and didn’t let it go. Schoonwinkel cleared the fourth finger but then waved off. Singleton ground through the fifth finger, and when it felt its center of gravity tilt in his favor, he slammed it to the street and roared to the crowd.

Heat Three — Brian Shaw vs. Tom Stoltman

Shaw and Stoltman each entered the arena tricked out in all the gear — sleeves on elbow and knees, belts on waists, and gloves on hands. Stoltman popped in his mouthpiece as the announcer declared his name, and the crowd anticipated a heavyweight bout to the finish.

Easy work of the first three fingers saw Shaw take a slight lead. However, a failed attempt on the fifth finger let Stoltman lock in a time before going to cheer on Shaw, who let the finger rest upon his shoulder. The whistle blew before Shaw could convert the final finger, and Shaw’s hopes at a fifth WSM title slipped further out of reach.

Heat Four — Oleksii Novikov vs. Mathew Ragg

Ragg, in his WSM Final debut, attacked the Fingal’s Fingers against 2020 WSM champion Novikov. Their first fingers bounced in synchronicity. Novikov’s speed took over by the third finger. The Ukrainian made quick work of the remaining two fingers fast enough for second-place points in the event. Ragg looked like a rerun of Shaw, struggling to clear the final finger by the sound of the whistle.

Heat Five — Trey Mitchell vs. Mitchell Hooper

The final heat was a clash of North Americans. The American Mitchell and the Canadian Hooper knew a sub-39-second time would take first-place points away from the defending WSM champion, Tom Stoltman.
Image courtesy of World’s Strongest Man
 An eyeblink through the first two fingers led to a stumble on the lift of the third finger by Mitchell. He caught back up by the fifth finger, and a heated grind saw the American take the win in the heat as his fingers landed hairs ahead of Hooper’s.

One Day More

The final day of competition kicks off at 8:00 a.m. with the Max Dumbbell. The penultimate event is the Vehicle Pull, and the show concludes with the Atlas Stones. With a win by Tom Stoltman in the Fingal’s Fingers, the top of the podium got much tighter heading into championship Sunday.

Featured image courtesy of World’s Strongest Man.

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