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2023 World’s Strongest Nation Rosters Revealed


The 2023 World’s Strongest Nation (WSN) contest is scheduled for Nov. 18, 2023, at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England. The clash will be between Team UK on home turf, led by 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Eddie Hall, against Team USA, led by 2019 WSM champion Martins Licis.

2023 World’s Strongest Nation Rosters

On July 21, 2023, Giants Live revealed the athletes who will comprise both competing teams led by the former WSM champions. Check it both nine-athlete rosters below:

Team UK

Eddie HallTeam Leader
Tom Stoltman
Luke Stoltman
Mark Felix
Gavin Bilton
Donna Moore
Andrea Thompson
Rebecca Roberts
Lucy Underdown

Team UK consists of multiple WSM champions. In addition to Hall, two-time WSM champion Tom Stoltman joins the UK team alongside his brother Luke, a former Europe’s Strongest Man champion.

Donna Moore, Andrea Thompson, and Rebecca Roberts have all hoisted the World’s Strongest Woman title during their careers. Mark Felix is undeniable in grip events — an exceptionally valuable asset to Team competition as specialists can excel in their forte events.

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Team USA

Martins LicisTeam Leader
Trey Mitchell
Evan Singleton
Kevin Faires
Spenser Remick
Gabi Dixson
Nadia Stowers
Inez Carrasquillo
Victoria Long

Team UK is stacked, but Team USA is not out of their depth. Trey Mitchell is a two-time Shaw Classic champion, Kevin Faires could match Mark Felix in grip-testing events, and Evan Singleton carries a lot of momentum after his recent 2023 Strongman Classic title.

Gabi Dixson stole the show at the 2022 WSN contest with her performance in the Hercules Hold. Fans in attendance will certainly expect a repeat effort in November. Likewise, if a log lift event is included, Inez Carraquillo could show off her world record prowess, as could Victoria Long with a deadlift.

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Hall led Team UK to a victory over Licis and Team USA in 2022. Both rosters are comprised of world-class-caliber strongmen and strongwomen, and either team, on a good day, could claim the title. The contest will assuredly be high octane as it was in 2022. We’ll see if Licis and Team USA can notch a win to prevent Team UK from going back-to-back.

Featured image: @giantslivestrongman on Instagram

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