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6 Reasons to Consider Buying an All-in-One Trainer


Your neighborhood gym was once more fun to you than an amusement park — but then, something changed. Perhaps it’s because the demands of your job increased along with your salary, and you no longer have time to spare conversing in the sauna anymore. Or maybe it’s because you’re now a parent, and you have to wait until the weekend before you can attempt to work off 13 days of inactivity in the span of two hours.

If this describes your situation, then you’re in luck. Force USA’s line of All-in-One Trainers has evolved to such an extent that you can build an iron oasis within the confines of your garage, ensuring your next workout is never more than a few steps away.

And the best part is that filling your home with all that equipment isn’t as daunting (or expensive) as it sounds — in fact, it can improve both your personal life and your workout routine tremendously.

There are plenty of reasons to consider an All-in-One Trainer for your own home, and BarBend has teamed up with Force USA to run down some of the most important points everyone can benefit from.

Force USA All-In-One Trainers 7/2023

Force USA All-In-One Trainers 7/2023

The Force USA All-In-One Trainers include up to 18 attachments and features could include a power rack, Smith machine, dip handles, low row, suspension trainer, and a lat pulldown station.

6 Reasons to Consider Buying an All-in-One Trainer

All-in-One Trainers Don’t Take Up Much Space
They Can Save You Money
You Can Customize Your Equipment
They’re Useful for Different Workout Styles
You’ll Save Time and Avoid Crowds
They Put You in Total Control

First, What Is an All-in-One Trainer?

Multi-gyms likely conjure up memories of disappointing hotel rec rooms and apartment complex “fitness centers” — but that’s changed. A lot. And in recent years, Force USA has been at the forefront of this home gym evolution with its All-in-One Trainer line of equipment.

These multifaceted workout stations include pretty much everything you’d expect from a commercial gym, all packed in one spot. With a classic power rack at its base, these All-in-One Trainers also include Smith machines, pull-up stations, lat pulldowns, and whatever else you need for total-body fitness.

There are models for different needs and budgets, but they’re all designed to benefit you and your fitness goals. Here are just some of the reasons to consider getting one.

Credit: Force USA

All-in-One Trainers Don’t Take Up Much Space

Spending years wandering across a 30,000-square-foot gym on a nightly basis may have deluded you into believing that fitness is a pursuit that requires a staggering amount of space. The reality is that an All-in-One Trainer can fit snugly in most garages and basements. 

The various models from Force USA typically come in at around six and a half feet wide, four feet deep, and a little over seven feet high. Even if that sounds like a lot, it’s important to remember that you’re getting nearly an entire commercial gym’s worth of equipment in that space. 

If you play your cards right, you won’t need any more space than this, even if you buy additional accessories down the road. And that’s because many All-in-One Trainer models include storage options for weight plates, barbells, and other add-ons, so you won’t have to worry about adding more clutter to your life.

You Can Save Money in the Long Run

Let’s estimate how much money you’ve devoted to gym attendance. Yes, you’re probably tempted to simply tally up the membership fee you’ve paid, but that’s simply the most obvious expense. With many Americans now spending between $600 to $800 annually for their gym memberships, that cost alone amounts to between $3,000 and $4,000 over five years. That’s plenty of money in and of itself, but there are other invisible charges you rack up along the way.

Try tallying your weekly fuel expense, the dollars you doled out for juice bar purchases, and the charges you racked up on clothing solely so that you could look stylish in a public setting. For example, driving 14 miles round trip to the gym every day in a car that gets 30 miles per gallon could amount to roughly 100 total miles and nearly $12 in fuel costs per week. That adds up to more than $600 a year, which can rival or exceed the annual cost of many gym memberships. Suddenly, your financial commitment has surged to $6,000 over five years.

On the other hand, the All-in-One Trainers from Force USA start at $2,000 and can begin saving you money after just a few years. Plus, once you pay for your equipment, there are no hidden fees or sudden price increases that just appear on your credit card statement after the fact.

You Can Customize Your Equipment

Whenever you join a gym, you’re often shackled to the equipment they have available, leaving you to hope they’ll eventually upgrade their digs as the months and years go on. (And we all know how that usually ends.) But with an All-in-One Trainer, you can continue adding different accessories whenever the mood strikes.

Many models come with more than a dozen attachments right out of the box, and there are plenty more upgrades you can add later. If you want to experiment with a jammer bar or landmine attachment, you can do it. Want a dip bar to go along with your gym? Go for it.

Remember, you’re also paying for all the equipment at a commercial gym whether you use it or not. All-in-One Trainers, on the other hand, allow you to customize things your way and pay only for the accessories you actually want.

Force USA All-In-One Trainers 7/2023

Force USA All-In-One Trainers 7/2023

The Force USA All-In-One Trainers include up to 18 attachments and features could include a power rack, Smith machine, dip handles, low row, suspension trainer, and a lat pulldown station.

They’re Useful for Different Workout Styles

You never want to be locked into just one style of training. And All-in-One Trainers provide a versatile array of options to ensure you can participate in nearly any program you want.

You’ve got the traditional power rack for powerlifting fundamentals like the squat and bench press. Then there are bodyweight stations like pull-ups and dips for functional fitness aficionados. And folks on a bodybuilding program will get plenty of use from the cables and machine attachments available on the Trainers. Plus, with all of your equipment localized in one spot, you can do fast-tempo circuit training and supersets without needing to go to a different machine or even walk across the room.

The best part is that households with multiple people on different fitness routines can all take advantage of these home gyms without needing to buy an endless amount of equipment. With Force USA’s G15 All-In-One Trainer, for example, you’ll get eight strength training machines, 18 attachments, and over 375 exercise possibilities, with further upgrades available. No matter how you want to work out, chances are these Trainers have you covered.

You’ll Save Time and Avoid Crowds

Think about it: How much of your life do you think you’ve wasted waiting for a squat rack or pulley machine to open up at your local gym? That’s to say nothing of the time you’ve spent looking high and low for that elusive 45-pound plate or matching set of 30-pound dumbbells. All this time adds up, turning what should be a tight 40-minute workout into a bloated hour-plus ordeal.

Purchasing an All-in-One Trainer that integrates all of this equipment into a single space offers the assurance that you never have to wait around for anything, ever. Not only will you be able to fly through your workout faster if you’d like, but you can also take as much time on the equipment as you need without being bothered by other impatient gym-goers. (Plus, you’ll never wind up in the background of a stranger’s gym mirror selfie ever again!)

This all adds up to one thing a commercial gym can never give you: Privacy. Not everyone wants to work out in front of a sea of wandering eyes or be forced to deal with an inconsiderate rush-hour crowd. With a fully stocked gym at home, you can exercise in peace and focus on each individual movement, rather than getting distracted by everyone around you.

These are just some of the features found on Force USA’s G10 Pro All-in-One Trainer. Credit: Force USA

They Put You in Total Control

There are plenty of fitness-related reasons to consider an All-in-One Trainer, but there’s more to it than that. With all this equipment in one convenient spot in your home, you can work out whenever you want, however you want, and for as long as you want.

Rather than live by the whims of a gym’s schedule, you can start pumping iron at midnight if that fits your routine. Or you can get short workouts split up across the morning and the evening if you’d rather break up the day that way. And if the spur-of-the-moment urge hits you for some pull-ups in between video conferences, no one is going to stop you.

You also won’t be at the mercy of a gym’s music playlist or TV selection because the ambiance surrounding your workout is completely your call. You can place a television right next to a personalized championship banner celebrating the time you bench-pressed 300 pounds in high school if that’s what it takes to motivate you.

While an All-in-One Trainer can provide nearly every exercise option imaginable, it also gives you the freedom to work out in a way that makes you comfortable. Pump the tunes, blast the air conditioner, or lift in complete silence if you want. You’ll have absolute control of your fitness life from start to finish.

What Are You Waiting For?

Your fitness routine should never be an inconvenience. Whether you dread the drive to the gym every morning or the bill that comes at the end of every month, you can tailor your workouts to your lifestyle with an All-in-One Trainer.

These home gym stations are designed to fit multiple budgets and fitness needs without compromising your workout quality. If you want more information on how an All-in-One Trainer can help you, head to Force USA’s website for the details.

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