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British Team on Top — European Powerlifting Federation Western European Powerlifting Championships Results


The 2023 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) Western European Championships took place in Reykjanesbær, Iceland, on Sept. 8-10, 2023. The British team came close to sweeping all the team awards, only losing out to Team Italy by a few points in the Women’s Classic division.

This contest was run as a team event with each participant country fielding teams of six men and six women in both classic (raw) and equipped categories. The top four GL point* scores in each team were added together to give the team score. Prizes were awarded to the top three teams and the top three athletes in each category.

*Note: The GL point formula is an attempt to compare the achievements of lifters of different body weights and is used by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and its affiliates.


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Check out all the individual and team results below.

Men’s Classic Division

One of the standout lifts from this category was the 373-kilogram (822-pound) deadlift from Sanchez Dillon in the 105-kilogram class, which secured him a new British record. Check it out below:


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Team Results

Great Britain — 410.24 combined GL points
Iceland — 389.06 combined GL points
Ireland — 386.55 combined GL points

Best Lifter Results

Maxwell Gyamfi (Great Britain) — 108.311 GL points
Ryan Duffield (Great Britain) — 103.956 GL points
Alexander Karason (Iceland) — 101.901 GL points

Women’s Classic Division

Team Italy took center stage in this category, winning the team award and five out of the top 10 Best Lifter places.

Team Results

Italy — 398.99 combined GL points
Great Britain — 391.54 combined GL points
Ireland — 358.68 combined GL points

Best Lifter Results

Makeda Vidal (Great Britain) — 102.968 GL points
Sara Raggi (Italy) — 102.799 GL points
Ilaria Barbieri (Italy) — 100.072 GL points

Men’s Equipped Division

The British team took the team gold in this category but it was the Icelandic super heavyweight, Guðfinnur Snær Magnússon, that won Best Lifter.

Team Results

Great Britain — 328.90 combined GL points
Iceland — 292.72 combined GL points
Belgium — 223.80 combined GL points

Best Lifter Results

Guðfinnur Snær Magnússon (Iceland) — 89.042 GL points
Alex Pugliese (Italy) — 88.090 GL points
Jordan Bollard (Great Britain) — 86.127 GL points

Women’s Equipped Division

Britain’s Christie Civetta had the biggest squat of the women’s event with 230 kilograms (507 pounds), a new British record. Take a look at the lift below:


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Team Results

Great Britain — 334.99 combined GL points
Belgium — 228.00 combined GL points
Italy — 165.27 combined GL points

Best Lifter Results

Emma Goodwin (Great Britain) — 91.581 GL points
Christie Civetta (Great Britain) — 88.131 GL points
Silvia Marostica (Italy) — 85.017 GL points

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