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Check Out Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros’ Latest Gym Tour: “The Shred Shed”


The reigning two-time Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros knows his way around a home gym. He has remained atop the world of CrossFit since five-time Fittest Man on Earth® Mat Fraser‘s retirement in 2021, thanks, in part, to having a plethora of equipment at the ready for his programming and recovery needs

On Feb. 4, 2023, Medeiros took to his YouTube channel to publish a video wherein he gave his 37,700 subscribers an inside look at his most updated gym, “The Shred Shed.” Check out everything Medeiros trains on and with via the video below:

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An excited Medeiros began the tour showing off his bevy of resistance bands on his storage wall that also holds barbell collars. Adjacent to that area are two squat racks separated by a dumbbell set. Across the gym is a third squat rack. The Rogue logo on each squat rack has the “O” replaced with Medeiros’ face, wearing shades.
Mounted on each squat rack are variations of pull-up bars and grips that can be used for different grip training. Medeiros’ dumbbell set spans from five pounds to 125 pounds in five-pound increments, two of each. Atop his kettlebell rack are wall balls — 14 and 20 pounds were shown on camera.
Spanning across the gym is a large arched rig that leaves the center floor open. Strung from that rig are gymnastics rings and ropes for climbs. At one end of that rig is a belt squat machine adjacent to a lat pulldown machine and more rings for dips. Hovering above the belt squat are adjustable grip handles that allow Medeiros to perform weighted pull-ups, chin-ups, and more.

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Medeiros’ barbells are situated at a station he said looked like “gun-rack storage.” His barbells include:

Safety Squat barbell
Axle barbell
Multi-grip barbell
Buffalo barbell
EZ barbell
Bamboo barbell
Curl barbell
16-inch Camber barbell

In the far corner, alongside his barbells, are various attachments and Fat Gripz that can be used for different grip-strengthening exercises and farmer’s walks. Moving laterally across the back wall, Medeiros encounters his GHD machine and his cardio equipment which includes two of each of the following:

Echo Bike
Ski Erg
Rowing machine

Continuing around the gym, there is a separate rack for sandbags, weight plates, and medicine balls. Next to that are recently-acquired crash pads that Medeiros uses when training the log lift. Looming above them are a series of jump ropes. All of the floorings in Medeiro’s gym were provided by SurfaceCo. They interlock to prevent movement and are designed to absorb shock from dropped weights.

The final area in the gym is a wall covered in plexiglass that houses a pegboard. Everything in Medeiros’ gym is set to the standards that are used in CrossFit competition to best prepare him for what he will encounter. Hence, plexiglass instead of drywall, brick, or any other material. Similarly, all the plyo boxes and weight benches are from Rogue.

Featured image: @justinmedeiros34 on Instagram

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