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Check Out WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch’s Full-Body Circuit Training


In episode 116 of YouTube’s “Celtic Warrior Workouts,” World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Sheamus travels to Davenport, Iowa, to the Black X Brave Wrestling Academy to meet its owners and fellow grapplers, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Since this married couple is known for their intense workouts and enthusiasm for CrossFit, Sheamus knows he is in for a challenging full-body session.

In this workout, designed by Rollins’ “Deadboys Fitness” partner Joshy G, Sheamus underwent a circuit that tested his functional fitness acumen. Check it out below:

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Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch’s Full-Body Workout

Below are the exercises in this workout, followed by a detailed breakdown.


Jumping Jacks


Alternating Hanging Dumbbell Snatch + Sit-Ups: 3 x 10 (snatches), 20 (sit-ups)
Hang Squat Snatch: 5 x 2*

* Perform a new set every two minutes.

The Finisher

Air Bike for 10 Calories, Burpee, Pull-Up: 4 Rounds*

* Increase the number of burpees and pull-ups with each round.

Workout Breakdown

Below is a closer look at Rollins and Lynch’s workout:

Alternating Dumbbell Hang Snatches

The first part of this workout was the alternating hanging dumbbell snatch, which Rollins superset with sit-ups. “Pick [the dumbbell] off the ground. Start from a hang position, push the hips back, and snatch overhead,” Rollins explained.

Rollins switched hands with the dumbbell on the way back down and repeated the process. The gang cycled through this process five times on each side for 10 total reps.

Modification: “If you want to add some flavor to this fitness, you can do the snatch into a squat,” Rollins said.


The three sets of dumbbell snatches were alternated with sit-ups. Rollins opted for butterfly sit-ups, but choose whatever variation you’re comfortable with. 

“If you only feel comfortable doing crunches, only do crunches,” Rollins said. “If it hurts your lower back to do full sit-ups, don’t do full sit-ups, just do the crunches. Get that little bit of a burn and get through it. You can scale the reps too. If 10 or 20 [reps] or three rounds are too many for you, back it up.”

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Butterfly sit-ups work for Rollins because they put more emphasis on his core, rather than his hip flexors, during the concentric portion of the movement. He demonstrates his technique in the video above from his Instagram page.

Hang Squat Snatch

“[The hang squat snatch is] similar to the hang snatches with a dumbbell,” Rollins says. “Bend over, stick our butt back, keep our lats tight, push your knees out a little bit, weight on our heels. Jump up and get underneath it.”

Rollins brought the barbell down to his hips and repeated. WWE’s “Architect” impresses with two solid reps of 88.9 kilograms (195 pounds). They performed two reps of the move every two minutes for five rounds, adding weight every set. 

Beginners, please, take it easy on your snatches,” Rollins implores, saying that one should start with a light weight and build on it as they feel more comfortable. He suggested starting with a PVC pipe or broom to perfect form. Sheamus grabbed an empty barbell to work on his technique before adding weight in small increments.

The Finisher: Air Bike, Burpee, Pull-Up

Lynch opted out of the hang squat snatch, perhaps due to suffering a separated shoulder during her match at SummerSlam in July of 2022. She returned for this seriously intense finisher and gave it her all.

Modification: Rollins switched out the pull-ups for muscle-ups with the bar.

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Wrapping Up

Studies have shown that circuit training at moderate intensity with short rest times can improve cardiovascular health and increase overall strength. (1) It also allows busy parents like Rollins and Lynch to undertake fast and efficient workouts while maintaining a tight schedule. Even better: you don’t need to be a CrossFit king or queen to get started.


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Featured Image: @wwesheamus on Instagram

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