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Deadlifting in the Wilderness (w/Clay Cooper)


Today I’m talking to Clay Cooper, better known online as @discoverydeadlift. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Clay took his weight plates and barbell outside and began doing his deadlift workouts in the great outdoors. Since then, he’s rucked barbells and plates to mountains, riverbeds, beaches, and deep into the woods. He’s deadlifted across the United States, had interesting encounters with wildlife (and people), and is planning to take his project international in the near future.

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Clay Cooper about:

Clay’s strength background and finding solace in strength (1:30)
The first time deadlifting outside (6:10)
“Hey, I think this is who I am now…I bring weights outside” (9:00)
How to structure ruck-deadlift-ruck workouts (12:30)
His BEST animal encounters (15:00)
Where Clay is deadlifting next (18:30)
Who Clay has inspired (20:30)

Relevant links and further reading:

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