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Fitness As “Info-tainment” (with Tony Horton)


Today I’m talking to — and I don’t use this term lightly — fitness LEGEND Tony Horton. Tony is the creator of P90X, which became popular among millions of users. (Yes, I remember those infomercials too). Tony leveraged an acting background to become the fitness industry’s most visible personality for years. He’s also a straight shooter and isn’t afraid to look back on his career to say what he could have improved — and how he continues to learn. Which movement would he have removed from P90X? Who bailed on him for a celebrity workout? And what’s he up to today? All that and more in today’s episode.

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In this episode of The BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Tony Horton discuss: 

What excites Tony in fitness after his lengthy career (2:08)
How a background in performance launched Tony’s unlikely fitness career (6:00)
Where the fitness industry NEEDS to go (9:30)
Learning from failures and mistakes in programming (15:18)
Chasing the material and “success” (19:00)
Things Tony might do over, especially with P90X (24:00)
Tony’s multiple home gym setup (28:00)

Relevant links and further reading:

Follow Tony Horton on Instagram and visit his website
Follow David Thomas Tao on Instagram and Twitter

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