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From Walking with a Cane to Powerlifting Competitions (with Angelo Poli)


Today we have one that really spans the spectrum from fitness to nutrition. I’m talking to Angelo Poli, who is the founder of a company called MetPro. The first part of the podcast talks about Angelo’s personal story. He overcame a significant injury that had him walking with a can for the better part of a decade. And through that recovery, he ended up competing in powerlifting and doesn’t need to walk with a cane anymore. Everyone’s recovery path is different, but Angelo’s especially was interesting to me.

Angelo is also the founder of MetPro, which by the way sponsored this podcast. You can find more at MetPro, and we of course talk about that: Why metabolic nutrition needs to be tailored for individuals.

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Angelo Poli about:

Being young and not knowing anything about the gym — what happens when you feel young and immortal? (3:00)
Angelo’s spinal fusion and career changer (3:30)
Interventions that were effective in Angelo’s recovery (8:30)
What nutritional interventions didn’t work well for Angelo? (13:00)
Drawing the line at dealing in opinions or theory (18:20)
Returning to powerlifting after his injury recovery (23:00)
The start and evolution of MetPro (27:10)

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