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Garden of Life CEO Jordan Rubin and Mike O’Hearn On Leading By Example and Proper Nutrition


The 33rd episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show, published on Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel on Feb. 17, 2023, was a return to nutrition focus. The show’s namesake was joined by the founder and CEO of vitamin and supplements company Garden of Life, Jordan Rubin.

O’Hearn opened the conversation by mentioning how Rubin advised O’Hearn to develop a diet for his wife while she was pregnant to ensure their child received optimal nutrition. While Rubin agreed that nutrition is extremely important for children, he said leading by example is even more essential. Check out the entire dialogue in the video below:

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Lead by Example

Rubin mentioned how he often sees parents allow themselves certain kinds of foods in their diets but disallow them in their children’s diets. While not uncommon, that lack of leading by example could create unintended consequences that backfire against the parents’ intent.

Leading by example leads to your childrens’ conviction.

The debate of “nature vs. nurture” arose, and Rubin planted his position on the side of nurture. As the father of six children, five of whom were adopted, Rubin believes that nurturing them while leading by example guided them to better nutrition despite very different experiences in early childhood.

Nutrition is the tool Rubin has used to help others overcome their family history of unhealthy habits and susceptibility to diseases like alcoholism.

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Differences in Milk

The discussion of nutrition during pregnancy led to a deep dive into the types of milk available in the USA and the pros and cons. While there are many nut and plant-based milk alternatives alongside cow’s milk, Rubin is not a supporter of either for young children.

The reason behind Rubin’s take is the inclusion of A1 β-casein in cow’s milk, which a human does not produce while breastfeeding. A systematic review in Nutrition Reviews supports that notion, as it found “adverse digestive health effects” caused by the A1 β-casein. (1)

Rubin suggests it’s the “right direction” to purchase milk labeled “A2” in grocery stores, as those contain A2 β-casein, which has not shown to have the same adverse effects as its A1 counterpart on digestion.

Watch the full interview between Rubin and O’Hearn for additional information from the Garden of Life CEO.


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