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Hip Hop Wellness Explorer (w/stic from Dead Prez)


Today I’m talking to stic, perhaps better known as, one half of the celebrated hip hop duo Dead Prez. Stic has been a defining voice in hip hop over the last few decades, and he’s also an accomplished author, producer, and mentor to a generation of musicians. Today, he’s talking about his health and wellness journey. From an event in his early 20s that set him on a lifelong exploration of wellness, to journeys into various martial arts disciplines, to his current passion for distance running, stic simply refuses to stop searching for practices that build the body and calm the mind. I hope you enjoy.

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to stic about:

stic’s awakening to fitness and wellness (“one foot in the streets, one foot in the struggle”) (2:20)
Three decades of fitness evolution, including gaining weight on plant-based diet (5:10)
What can the music industry teach us about wellness and avoiding temptation? (9:40)
When does stic choose to indulge, and how? (11:00)
How stic has shared his experience and wisdom in the hip hop community (14:00)
stic’s methods for improving writing and working toward creative mastery (17:00)

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