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How Bikini Bodybuilder Kerigan Pike Trains Back and Arms 3 Weeks Out From Competition


Kerigan Pike is a pro Bikini bodybuilder who recently competed in the 2023 Sasquach Pro, finishing 15th overall out of 44 competitors. Three weeks before the competition, Pike gave her YouTube fans a glimpse into the training and preparation for the event.

On Aug. 27, 2023, Pike published a video on her YouTube channel featuring her vlog from three weeks out from the 2023 Sasquach Pro, showcasing her workout and posing preparationCheck it out below:

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Kerigan Pike’s Shoulder Training

Pike almost competed in contests before the Sasquatch Pro, but she didn’t feel her physique was on par with the athletes who ultimately won those competitions. She felt dialing in her physique by dropping every pound possible was the right call.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Pike opened her upper-body workout by rolling out her back and shoulders, followed by shoulder stretches with resistance bands. Once warm, Pike performed sets of seated dumbbell shoulder presses.

While cutting, Pike aimed “to hold as much strength as [she] possibly can” despite being carbohydrate-depleted. Consuming fewer carbs affects her performance since carbs are responsible for storing muscle glycogen — the energy needed to lift weights. 

She repped 50-pound dumbbells for six reps on her first working set, followed by another working set of six reps to hit a PR. 

Dumbbell Front & Lateral Raises

Pike pivoted into dumbbell front raises. She held the dumbbells in a hammer position, keeping her grip neutral to reduce shoulder strain while focusing the tension on the deltoids. She then does lateral raises and unilateral side raises while gripping a machine for support.

Pike enjoys the single-arm movements because she has had shoulder issues in the past. However, she avoids injury by prioritizing isolation exercises and removing momentum from her form.

During front and lateral raises, Pike maintains a steady but fast tempo during her lifts rather than a slower and controlled pace that many other elite bodybuilders adhere to. Her pace allows her to perform more reps with heavier weights to help cap her deltoids.

Back & Arm Training

Below is a breakdown of Pike’s back and arm training:

Lat Pulldowns

Pike continued her session with lat pulldowns with individual grips in each hand. Splitting grips like this allowed for more freedom of movement for her wrists and elbows. This creates more of a natural, fluid line of pull. She switched to traditional lat pulldowns with the bar attachment afterward.

Dumbbell Biceps, Hammer Curls, & Dumbbell Kickbacks

Pike reached for the dumbbell rack for her biceps curl variations. She performed alternating curls, followed by alternating hammer curls. The latter trains forearm and grip strength while promoting some thickness to the arms. Pike’s triceps training consists of bent-over dumbbell kickbacks. She cycles through all three exercises in a triset three times.

Kerigan Pike’s Posing Practice

Pike concluded her training session with posing practice. The upstairs facility of her gym had a designated posing room with proper lighting to help pinpoint areas in need of improvement. Although Pike placed lower than intended at the 2023 Sasquach Pro, she received a lot of valuable feedback from the judges and looks forward to implementing them during future preps.

Pike has until the Olympia qualification cutoff on Oct. 9, 2023, to enter and win a pro show to qualify for the 2023 Olympia. If she forgoes competing in that narrow window of time, expect to see her on the competitive stage again during the 2024 season. 

Featured image: @keriganpikefit on Instagram

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