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How Does Ryan Terry Eat 11 Days Out From the 2022 Olympia?


The Men’s Physique Olympia title is currently in the hands of reigning three-time champion Brandon Hendrickson. He seeks his record-tying fourth title in Las Vegas, NV, at the 2022 Olympia weekend, scheduled from Dec. 16-18, 2022. If Hendrickson succeeds, he will tie Jeremy Buendia for the most titles in the division.

Attempting to stop Hendrickson from accomplishing that feat is former Men’s Physique Olympia runner-up Ryan Terry, who intends to bring the best package of his career to the 2022 Olympia stage and become the fifth athlete to win the Men’s Physique title — in addition to Buendia (2014-17) and Hendrickson (2018, 2020-21), Raymont Edmonds won in 2019. Mark Anthony Wingson won the inaugural contest in 2013.

On Dec. 8, 2022, Terry took to his YouTube channel to share a day of eating on the diet he has followed for his 2022 Olympia prep. Check it out below:

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As a bodybuilder, it’s all about consistency.

That’s no joke. Throughout Terry’s self-expressed 20-year bodybuilding journey, he claimed he’s eaten the same meals every day for the last baker’s dozen. Since his previous prep, though the foods have remained similar, the macros have shifted — a decrease in carbohydrates and an increase in fats.

Meal One & Breakfast

100 grams of oats
30 grams of blueberries
15 grams of almond butter
40 grams of whey protein

Terry’s breakfast is consumed after his fasted cardio sessions, which last an hour and a half. The first third is spent on a cross-trainer, the second third is an incline walk on the treadmill, and the final third is core isolation and posing practice.

Approximately three hours after his first meal, Terry eats his breakfast consisting of:

Three whole eggs
One egg white
Six rice cakes

I can’t stand this meal — makes me feel sick.

Terry preps the rest of his meals for the day by cooking asparagus and broccoli, which he has never gotten tired of. His spices of choice are mixed herbs, paprika, garlic, and pink Himalayan salt.

Meal Three

200 grams chicken
80 grams (uncooked) rice

Although he is unsure if it’s due to age or poorer sleep due to having an infant who wakes him in the night, Terry recognized that he did not handle carbs as well as he used to. He adjusted his diet to support more fats and protein to offset the caloric difference by lowering his carbs, which has been an effective change. 

However, that swap does not solve the issue of fatigue deep into prep. On only 220 carbs per day, he still feels “as though it’s like zero carbs. I have no energy at this stage.” The crispy, spiced chicken in his air fryer seems to help with the mental aspects—the moist inside and crisp outside offer a brief reprieve from the feeling of culinary monotony during prep.

Terry is so in tune with his body and the energy he’s providing it that he noticed a meal sustains him for approximately two hours before consciously feeling his energy levels fall — he’s “very sensitive” deep into his show preps.


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Terry intends to remain at a macro count of about 220 grams of carbs, 200 grams of protein, and 50 to 70 grams of fat for the final stretch to the 2022 Olympia. On the last day before the show, he’ll bump up his carbs for a fuller look, as he felt great the previous time he implemented that strategy. 

Terry’s water intake is completed through low-calorie electrolyte mixtures to improve the flavor of the water he drinks. Strawberry limeade is his preferred flavor and was a trick he learned when prepping for the Arnold Classic. He only allows himself one black coffee each day.

Image via Ryan Terry’s YouTube channel

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Terry swaps the chicken for salmon fillets for the final two meals daily but keeps the rice and veggies the same. Though he is constantly hungry during prep, he believes that the difficulty of sticking to a consistent diet during the lead-up to a contest is what separates the elite bodybuilders from the rest of the pack. We’ll see if 2022 is the year Terry finally hoists the Men’s Physique Olympia championship overhead.

Featured image: @ryanjterry on Instagram

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