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Hunter McIntyre Sets New HYROX World Record Time of 54:07 in Barcelona, Spain


Reigning HYROX World Champion Hunter McIntyre has rewritten history. On March 18, 2023, at HYROX Barcelona, McIntyre competed in the pro division against some of the sport’s top competition worldwide. Entering the event, McIntyre was the all-time world record holder, thanks to his time of 55:09 from the 2022 HYROX Dallas contest.

However, McIntyre’s previous self was no match for his more conditioned current-day self-counterpart. McIntyre scorched his previous all-time world record by over a minute in Barcelona, setting the new fastest HYROX time ever at 54:07.

2022 HYROX Barcelona Results

The results for the Men’s and Women’s pro divisions are below:

HYROX Elite Pro Men

Hunter McIntyre (USA) — 54:07
Joffrey Voisin (FRA) — 56:46
Jonathon Wynn (AUS) — 58:06
Ruben Patiño Vieites (ESP) — 1:00:19
Aitor Lizarazu Hormilla (ESP) — 1:00:26
Eugenio Bianchi (ITA) — 1:00:52
Tiago Lousa (ESP) — 1:01:49
Grgoire Rezzonico (SUI) — 1:03:14
Marcus Funken (GER) — 1:04:02
Michele Bucci (GBR) — 1:04:11
José Estrangeiro (POR) — 1:04:57
Filipe Prates Pucarinho (ESP) — 1:04:57
Alfons Deu Ruiz (ESP) — 1:05:18
Christian Nolde (GER) — 1:06:13
Carlos Fornes Mengual (ESP) — 1:06:22
Mikel Fernandez Peña (ESP) — 1:06:23
Wayne Spiteri (ESP) — 1:06:36
Jake Williamson (GBR) — 1:06:45
Juan Manuel Prieto Santana (ESP) — 1:06:45
Roberto Viciedo Gimeno (ESP) — 1:07:03

McIntrye was the only male athlete representing the USA to finish in the top 76 ranks. The next highest-placing USA athlete was Kyle Cook in 77th place, who logged a time of 1:22:52.

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HYROX Elite Pro Women

Rebecca Mason (GBR) — 1:03:57
Jezabel Kremer (FRA) — 1:05:50
Kate Davey (GBR) — 1:06:23
Felicity Cole (GBR) — 1:07:12
Daniela Couto (ESP) — 1:08:26
Sabrina Röthig (GER) — 1:11:25
Sam Bilbie (GBR) — 1:11:25
Tânia Cruz (POR) — 1:11:26
Zoe Powell (GBR) — 1:11:43
Kate Smith (GBR) — 1:16:29
Pilar Santafé (ESP) — 1:17:05
Catarina Gomes (POR) — 1:19:07
Cristina Suárez Vega (ESP) — 1:22:14
Laura Smith (GBR) — 1:23:38
Denise Brazier (GBR) — 1:25:16
Catherine Rae (GBR) — 1:25:43
Brahimi Odessa (FRA) — 1:25:$5
Melanie Brandstätter (AUT) — 1:27:43
Esther Gil Robles (ESP) — 1:27:48
Marta Luna Iriarte (ESP) — 1:27:58

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Competing is more of an art than a job. I’m currently painting my best work yet

According to an HYROX press release, McIntyre needed to drop weight he put on as an Olympic Games hopeful in canoeing to compete in the 2023 HYROX season. He did just that, and his world-record time further solidified he will be the athlete to beat at the 2023 HYROX World Championships.


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In an Instagram post filming a Q&A published to McIntyre’s page, he said he’s done the math to determine the fastest possible time he could theoretically run an HYROX race in. His issue, he believes, is that he still weighs too much. However, if he can drop to the target weight of 192 pounds, he feels running a 52-minute HYROX event is possible.

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