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Ielja Strik (84KG) Wins Her 24th World Title at the 2023 IPF World Bench Press Championships


Ielja Strik has been a dominant force in International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) powerlifting for two decades. She has won powerlifting world titles both raw and equipped and has been the equipped bench press world champion many times. The 2023 World Classic Bench Press Championships (WCBPC) marked Strik’s first raw bench press world title.

Each of Strik’s lifts at the 2023 WCBPC was a new Masters 2 (M2, ages 50-59) world record. Strik moved into the M2 category for the first time at this competition and went to town on the record books with the following results:

2023 IPF World Classic Bench Press Championships Results — Iejla Strik, 84KG | Raw

Bench Press

125 kilograms (276 pounds )
127.5 kilograms (281 pounds)
132.5 kilograms (292 pounds) — New M2 IPF Raw World Record

Take a look at the world record press below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:


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Strik made all three lifts look easy. The final attempt moved as fast as the first. It appeared as though she had plenty left in reserve but played it safe to secure the world title.

Strik was challenged on two fronts. Amber Russell from New Zealand matched Strik’s second attempt but missed her third to finish with the silver medal. Ankie Timmers wasn’t far behind Russell with a 122.5-kilogram (270-pound) press for the bronze medal. Timmers became the equipped world champion a few days later with a massive 192.5-kilogram (424-pound) bench press.

Strik’s Many Triumphs

Strik has competed in every IPF classic powerlifting world championship since the competition’s inception up to 2019. She won five of those seven contests and made the podium in the other two.

Strik has competed in single-ply equipment more frequently than in raw contests. She lifted in every IPF Open Equipped Championship between 2004 and 2014 before alternating between the Open and the Masters world championships.

The IPF Hall of Famer has also been a frequent competitor at the IPF Equipped Bench Press Championships, racking up 19 appearances with 13 wins. Check out Strik’s Instagram post below, celebrating her 24th Open class win:


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Iejla Strik’s Championships Titles

Here is a full list of Strik’s open World Championship wins:

2023 IPF World Classic Championships
IPF Equipped Bench Press World Championships (2004-06, 2008-10, 2012-19, 2021)
IPF Classic World Championships (2013-2015, 2017)
IPF Equipped World Championships (2006-08, 2013)

In addition to this impressive resume, Strik also won the Masters Equipped Bench World Championships twice and competed at four World Games, winning silver in 2013.

Strik entered the Masters 2 this year but shows no sign of stopping any time soon. She is on the roster for the 2023 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Bench Press Championships in Merignac, France, in August. She will go head to head with Annika Zelander of Sweden, and big weight is expected on the barbell.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram

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