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Ivan Chuprynko (74KG) Bench Presses IPF Equipped World Record 300.5 Kilograms


Ivan Chuprynko of Ukraine lifted in the raw and equipped categories at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Bench Press Championships in Sun City, South Africa, on May 20-28. He won in the raw division with only his 210-kilogram (463-pound) opener. He missed a world record attempt of 225.5 kilograms (497 pounds). Despite that, he still finished 40 kilograms (88 pounds) ahead of his nearest rival.

In the equipped portion of the contest, Chuprynko set a new IPF world record press in a single-lift contest in the 74-kilogram class by locking out 300.5 kilograms. He went two for three in attempts with the following weights:

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2023 IPF World Equipped Bench Press Championships Results — Ivan Chuprynko, 74KG

Bench Press

270 kilograms (595 pounds)
300.5 kilograms (662 pounds) — New Open IPF Equipped World Record
310 kilograms (683 pounds)

Check out the world record lift below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:


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Chuprynko has battled with the bench press master from Japan, Daiki Kodama, for several years. At the 2021 IPF World Bench Press Championships, Chuprynko conceded victory in the equipped competition but won the raw contest by being the first athlete to beat Kodama in a generation. The following year in Kazakhstan, the results were reversed, as Kodama won the raw competition while Chuprynko was victorious in the equipped contest.

In 2023, the rivalry was suspended as Kodama lifted in the 83-kilogram class, leaving Chuprynko free to attempt world records rather than fighting to win the world title. Chuprynko seized the opportunity, although his 225.5-kilogram (497.1-pound) raw record attempt did not quite come off.

Chuprynko competed in the 74-kilogram class but was effectively in a class of his own. His opening attempt of 270 kilograms (595 pounds) put him 90 kilograms (198 pounds) ahead of the next lifter. The barbell seemed lopsided on the chest and slowed for a moment towards the top of the press, but it went to lockout without much trouble.


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The world record attempt of 300.5 kilograms (662 pounds) went on the bar for Chuprynko’s second attempt. His right arm shook on the descent, signifying how challenging of a lift it was. The bar stalled more than halfway to lockout, and his face grimaced as he contested gravity. His left arm locked out, and a lifetime later, his right elbow did as well. The referee gave him the command to rack, and the record became Chuprynko’s.

Chuprynko returned to the platform once more for a 310-kilogram (683-pound) attempt. This seemed ambitious, given how difficult his second attempt was but with equipped benching, there are adjustments to be made to the bench shirt for some extra oomph.

Again, Chuprynko seemed a little uneven on the chest. The bar stalled out in the same place. While he locked out his left arm with some difficulty, his right arm did not straighten, and the spotters took the bar.

What’s Next for Chuprynko?

Chuprynko left South Africa as a double world champion for the first time. It was his fifth and sixth world championship gold medals. It is unclear if Kodama and Chuprynko will meet again on the lifting platform in a sanctioned contest, given Kodama’s move to a higher weight class. Still, Chuprynko is expected to dominate the 2023 European Bench Press Championships in Merignac, France, in August, when he might push the record even further in the 74-kilogram class.

Featured image: @ivan_chuprynko on Instagram

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