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Jamal Browner (110KG) Hits a Tremendous 455-Kilogram (1,003.1-Pound) Raw Deadlift Double in Training


Jamal Browner is a deadlift highlight reel. The 110-kilogram powerlifter holds the all-time world record raw deadlift of 455 kilograms (1,003.1 pounds), scored at the 2022 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Pro Raw Championships

On Dec. 1, 2022, Browner took to his Instagram page to publish a video wherein he pulled that same world record weight for a double that appeared effortless.

One of the craziest sets I’ve done. I low key thought I had a third rep in me.

Check out Browner’s deadlift double PR below. He lifted the weight in a sumo stance using an overhand grip and wore a lifting belt:

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Although Browner did not disclose his body weight at the time of his deadlift double, each rep was over four times his competition body weight. Fortunately, Browner captured his entire deadlift session on video and shared it via his YouTube channel.

In the video, Browner warms up with 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds) on the barbell. He added 50 kilograms (110.2 pounds) with each subsequent set. By his third warm-up set, he was deadlifting 319.8 kilograms (705 pounds).

As long as Browner feels his body is warm, he is okay with making large leaps in weight since his goal for the session is to have a successful top set. In this case, locking out his all-time world record weight twice after rubbing his hands in the chalk bowl. Check out the session below:

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In the post-PR confessional in the above video, it was apparent that Browner was ecstatic with his deadlift session, having seemingly surprised himself with the lack of difficulty he encountered locking out his second rep.

That was probably the best set I’ve ever done and captured on camera.

Although Browner was tempted to go for a third rep, he remained tight to his programming of only scoring a double. The implications of a potential third rep hyped Browner up for where he can adjust his programming for more heavy doubles.

Given the success of this session, Browner did not know how heavy he could potentially pull going forward. The one thing that is almost certain is that the top set on his next heavy pull day could exceed the current world record. Browner remains the only athlete in the 110-kilogram division to deadlift at least 1,000 pounds in competition.

Featured image: @jamal_b15 on Instagram

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