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Jeffrey Adler Prioritizes Dynamic Training for His 2023 CrossFit Games Prep


Canadian CrossFit athlete Jeffrey Adler looks forward to his fifth consecutive CrossFit Games to challenge reigning champion Justin Medeiros to become the Fittest Man on Earth® in 2023. Adler finished fifth at the 2022 CrossFit Games and has had a dominant 2023 season, winning the 2023 CrossFit Open and the 2023 North American East Semifinal.

On July 7, 2023, Buttery Bros’ YouTube channel published a video of how Jeffrey Adler trains for the CrossFit Games. Watch their full training day below:

In the above video, Adler was six weeks away from the 2023 Games, so his workouts were more precise. He says he felt more relaxed during this preparation period than in the past.

Jeffrey Adler’s Pre-Workout Regimen 

Adler’s training begins with gentle dynamic stretches. He uses the wall, the floor, and a small hard ball to loosen his muscles for a long workout ahead. Adler focuses on mobilizing his back and shoulders

Adler explained his supplement stack, which includes Podium Fuse, an energy drink, in the morning before his workout. He also takes Podium Instantized BCAA Powder — Hydro and Salt — in the afternoons, which supplies electrolytes and essential amino acids to boost performance and help post-workout recoveryCitrulline and beta-alanine round out Adler’s stack.

Adler’s Full Day of Training

Below is a full breakdown of Alder’s CrossFit training. 

Speed Bike Intervals

After 10-20 minutes of warming up on the stationary bike, Adler performs two timed interval rounds. The intervals range from two to four minutes to achieve between 150 and 400 watts. The 40-minute workout featured Adler reaching 292 watts on average. For context, the Buttery Bros were in the 170-190 watt range.

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Muscle-Up Medley

For this portion, Adler and the Buttery Bros performed three rounds for time of the following:

Deadlifts: 315 pounds x five reps 
Burpee Muscle-Ups: five reps
Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups: five reps
Yoke Bar Muscle-Ups: five reps
Deadlifts: 315 pounds x five reps

After the above circuit, they rested for two minutes. Adler logged a time of 2:22 on his third round. By the end of the workout, each athlete logged 45 muscle-ups.

12-Minute EMOM

For this third workout, Adler performs “every minute on the minute” — going through a round of movements at the top of each minute and using the remaining time as rest. The three exercises were:

P. Bar Traverse: three reps
Double-Under Crossovers: 15-20 reps
Ski Erg60 seconds

The P. Bar is two sticks of pliable wood running parallel. The trick is to get from one end to the other (to “traverse” the P. Bar). Adler gets as much of his weight as possible on the stationary side while shimmying his other hand forward along the track.

For double-under crossovers, this super-fast jump rope exercise involves plenty of fast-twitch movement and stamina to stay in the air long enough. Finally, the Ski Erg machine mimics skiing, working the lats and the upper body. After 12 minutes – and a combined hour and a half into his workout – the group goes out for some French breakfast.

Traditional Weightlifting

After refueling his muscle glycogen, Adler lifts weights, warming back up with 20 seated box jumps. He follows with nine rounds of box speed squats for three reps. He prioritized dynamic movement over lifting heavy, focusing on speed, technique, and accessory work. The rate was one round every 30 seconds.

Then, Adler performed speed deadlifts, focusing on how fast he could move lighter loads for another nine rounds of three reps. He closed with barbell single-leg accessory movements, such as step-ups, rear deadlifts, hanging leg raises, and supermans, finishing with single-leg glute-hamstring raises

Jeffrey Adler’s Recovery

After more than two and a half hours of training, Adler enjoyed hot-cold therapy. His protocol is three to five minutes in the steam room, followed by three minutes in the cold plunge. This helps with heart rate variability and vasodilation and removes excess inflammation from his knees.

The Canadian CrossFitter seems to be doing a variety of cross-training and not taking recovery lightly, hoping to reach the podium at the 2023 CrossFit Games on Aug. 1-6 in Madison, WI.

Featured image: @adlerjeff on Instagram

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