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Joe Sullivan (100 KG) Breaks All-Time World Record Raw Squat with 386-Kilogram (851-Pound) Lift


Joe Sullivan has broken his all-time world record raw squat in the 100-kilogram category. On Saturday, March 25, 2023, the Las Vegas, NV, native competed in the 2023 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Metroflex Battle of the Yard 8 meet in Murrieta, GA.

Sullivan wasted no time in breaking the record, using his second attempt of the day to squat 386 kilograms (851 pounds), adding one kilogram to the all-time raw world record he already held. The lift can be seen in the video below, courtesy of Joe Sullivan‘s Instagram page:

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According to LiftingCast, Sullivan weighed in at 99.9 kilograms (220 pounds), one-tenth of a kilogram below the cutoff. Sullivan wore a singlet with a lever weight belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps along with sunglasses as the meet was held outside. 

Sullivan opened the meet with a lift of 375 kilograms (826.7 pounds) that received three white lights. He then went for broke on attempt number two. After unracking and receiving the command to squat, Sullivan lowered himself into the hole. Despite a struggle at the bottom, he stood tall with the weight and returned it to the rack at the judge’s command. The lift was granted three white lights.

Sullivan waived off his third attempt because his goal for the day was achieved. His results are below:

2023 WRPF Metroflex Battle of the Yard 8 Results | Joe Sullivan, 100KG RAW

Squat — 386 kilograms (851 pounds) — New All-Time Raw World Record
Bench Press — 225 kilograms (496 pounds)
Deadlift — 327.5 kilograms (722.1 pounds)
Total — 938.5 kilograms (2,069.2 pounds)

This new record broke Sullivan’s previous record by a single kilogram. On Sept. 24, 2022, Sullivan squatted 385 kilograms (848.8 pounds) at the 2022 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Raw Pro meet in North Kansas City, MO. That attempt broke his then-previous record of 380 kilograms (837.7 pounds), which was set at the 2021 WRPF Bucked Up Showdown in Kansas City, MO.

Sullivan has maintained the all-time raw squat world record since he first broke it in September 2020, when he set the mark at 372 kilograms (822 pounds) at that year’s Showdown meet. Sullivan opened his 2023 meet with more weight than he set the record with three years prior.

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Featured image: @joesullivan_aod on Instagram

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