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Lystus Ebosele (+84KG) Squats 200 Kilograms (441 Pounds) Raw for 8 Reps In Training


Irish powerlifter, Lystus Ebosele, has caused a stir since committing to the super heavyweight class in 2022. She is still a relatively light superheavyweight, but one might never know it from the weights she is moving in training.

On Aug. 1, 2023, Ebosele published a training update to her Instagram page wherein she squatted 200 kilograms (441 pounds) for eight repetitions raw — it was achieved in a lifting belt and knee sleeves rather than knee wraps. Check it out below:

The European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Junior Champion set up in a low bar stance and began the set solo with no spotters present. For the first four to five, the bar speed did not appear to drop.

As the set progressed, Ebosele slowed, and the final rep included a pause, a quick breath, and a re-brace before the descent. This was the only rep in the set that gave an indication of a sticking point, slowing through the mid part of the lift. It wasn’t in doubt, though, as she held the weight at the top momentarily before returning the barbell to the combo rack.

The ease with which Ebosele handled this heavy volume suggests she is brewing a huge one-rep max. This suggests a possible top end of 248 kilograms (547 pounds), although caution should be applied to this type of extrapolation.

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Lystus Ebosele

Ebosele lifted at the 2023 Silent Worker meet in France in July. Her third squat of 240 kilograms (529 pounds) moved like a warm-up weight. It matched the current EPF European Junior record but is still off the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) raw world record, which stands at 262.5 kilograms (579 pounds).

The current raw squat world record has stood since 2016. It was scored by LeeAnn Hewitt, who also holds the deadlift and total world records in the Junior +84-kilogram class. Those records appear in danger, though, as Ebosele has another year left as a Junior and is making giant strides.

Ebosele will compete next at the 2023 IPF Junior World Championships, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, between August 24 and September 3.

Featured image: @_fit.stys on Instagram

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