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Mal O’Brien and Graciano Rubio Highlight Two-Part CrossFit Open Workout 23.2


The second workout of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open consisted of two separately scored events. The first part of Workout 23.2 included 15 minutes of burpee pull-ups and shuttle runs, followed by the second part, where athletes had five minutes to establish a one-rep max thruster. These results showed us some early favorites heading into this summer’s CrossFit Games.

The totals for Workout 23.2 are below — it is still an unofficial leaderboard until CrossFit conducts a final review:

Women’s CrossFit Open Workout 23.2A Results

1. Mallory O’Brien 188 reps
2. Feeroozeh Saghafi — 186 reps
3. Runa Linn Egeland — 179 reps
4. Linnea Højer Wang — 178 reps
5. Jamie Simmonds 177 reps
5. Rebecca Fuselier — 177 reps
7. Katelin Van Zyl — 176 reps
8. Marisa Flowers — 175 reps
9. Jenay DeCaussin — 174 reps
9. Kristi O’Connell 174 reps
9. Emma Cary 174 reps
9. Kory Parisien — 174 reps
9. Paulina Bijas — 174 reps
9. Manon Saint-Maxent — 174 reps

23.2A Takeaways — Women

If it wasn’t obvious already, Mal O’Brien — the 2022 CrossFit Open champion — is making her case as the hands-down favorite to win the 2023 Games title. She won 23.2A by two reps over Feeroozeh Saghafi and, in the process, captured her third Open workout victory in her three-year elite division career.

Dating back to the 2021 Games, O’Brien has seven top-five finishes in 10 Open workouts. Combined with her solid 107th finish in 23.2B, she has set herself up to repeat as the Open champion, which would tie her with Annie Thorisdottir and Samantha Briggs for second all-time for Open victories. Sara Sigmundsdottir has three Open championships.

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Feeroozeh Saghafi recorded her second-straight top-10 Open event finish. This runner-up spot was a career-best for the Brute Strength athlete.

Jamie Simmonds recorded her second-straight fifth-place event finish. The native of New Zealand is looking to return to the Games after a two-year hiatus. And recently retired Kristi O’Connell made good on her promise to not just do the Open but remain competitive. She finished tied for ninth with Emma Cary with 174 reps.

Another finish to note: Pamela Gagnon, one of CrossFit’s leading experts in bodyweight and gymnastics, placed 27th overall. At 49, the three-time Games Masters division competitor is the oldest athlete to finish in the top 50. Conversely, 17-year-old Trista Smith is tied with Gagnon at 27th, with each athlete completing 169 reps.

Women’s CrossFit Open Workout 23.2B Results

1. Barrett Koons — 240 pounds
2. Kelsey Kiel 238 pounds
3. Christine Middleton — 232 pounds
4. Jessi Kuhlman — 230 pounds
5. Dani Speegle — 227 pounds
5. Caroline Stanley — 227 pounds
5. Luana Soares — 227 pounds
5. Taylor Surprenant — 227 pounds
9. Ana Clara Gimenes — 225 pounds
10. Helen Nutter — 224 pounds

23.2B Takeaways Women

Former Tennessee Tech University cheerleader Barrett Koons earned $2,023 after picking up the workout win with a 240-pound thruster. She bested team Games veterans Kelsey Kiel and Christine Middleton, who each set career highs with Open workout finishes. Dani Speegle is the only athlete in the women’s top 10 to compete at the Games as an individual athlete.

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Four athletes from Brazil placed in the top 20: Luana Soares (7th), Ana Clara Gimenes (9th), Camila Borgo (16th), and Patricia Maciel (19th).

Janelle Stites placed 22nd with a lift of 217 pounds. Stites is notable because she’s coming off a two-year ban from licensed CrossFit competitions after testing positive for a banned substance.

Games veterans Ellie Turner, Alex Gazan, and Paige Powers are the only women to record top-100 finishes in parts A and B. Turner placed 31st in part A and 73rd in part B. Gazan finished 90th in part A and 67th in part B. Powers tied Gazan in part A and placed 25th in part B with a lift of 216 pounds.

Men’s CrossFit Open Workout 23.2A Results

1. Charles Curran — 191 reps
2. Diego Calderon — 190 reps
3. Victor Ljungdal — 189 reps
3. Jose Ontiveros — 189 reps
5. Dyl Murph — 188 reps
6. Nicholas Nowoslawski — 187 reps
6. Ricky Garard 187 reps
6. Brett Hample — 187 reps

23.2A Takeaways Men

Ricky Garard is the only top-10 finisher to have appeared at the CrossFit Games. For the Australian, it was his second-straight top-10 Open workout finish.

Workout winner Charles Curran picked up his first career victory while competing at CrossFit Krypton. Last year, he recorded workout finishes of 15th and 37th to start the Open while competing at CrossFit Mayhem.

Four top-15 finishers hail from France, including runner-up Diego Calderon and ninth-place finishers Maximin Chapuis and Clement Proust. Calderon is the youngest athlete in the top 50 at 20 years old.

Six athletes tied for ninth with 186 reps, and just seven athletes in the top 50 have competed at the Games as an individual.

Men’s CrossFit Open Workout 23.2B Results

1. Graciano Rubio — 375 pounds
2. Brett Pressley — 360 pounds
3. Martin Feiferlik — 337 pounds
4. Griffin Roelle 336 pounds
5. Jacob Pfaff — 330 pounds
5. Ioannis Papadopoulos — 330 pounds
5. Rodrigo Daniel Orlando — 330 pounds
6. Throstur Olason — 328 pounds
6. Maximilain Vargas — 328 pounds
6. Andrew Hearn — 328 pounds

23.2B Takeaways Men

Graciano Rubio won his first career Open workout with a max thruster of 375 pounds, 15 pounds more than runner-up Brett Pressley.

Griffin Roelle and Ioannis Papadopoulos are the only athletes in the top 10 who have competed at the Games. Roelle competed on a team at the 2018 Games and then as an individual at the 2020 Games during the online stage. Papadopoulos made his first Games appearance last year when he placed fifth in the 35-39 men’s division.

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Eleven athletes in the top 50 are 35 years old or older, with 41-year-old Andrew Hearn as the oldest of the group. Hearn finished 10th with a lift of 328 pounds.

Jeffrey Adler is the only athlete in the men’s field to record top-100 finishes in both parts of workout 23.2. He’s recorded top-100 finishes in all three workouts, and his worst Open workout finish this year is in 23.3B, placing 60th with a lift of 312 pounds.

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