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Meet the 2023 CrossFit Games Demo Team


The 2023 CrossFit Games are scheduled for Aug. 1-6, 2023, in Madison, WI. The 40 Individual male and 40 Individual female competitors who advanced through the 2023 Semifinals from around the globe will vie to become the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth®.

However, before those elite athletes take the field and lifting platforms in Madison, the events must be tested and potentially adjusted for the Games. Enter the CrossFit Games Demo Team comprised of Games-caliber athletes not among the 40 competing at the Games in their respective divisions.

Meet the 2023 CrossFit Games demo team below.

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2023 CrossFit Games Demo Team

The six-athlete demo team testing the 2023 CrossFit Games events are below:

Griffin Roelle (USA)

Mitchel Stevenson (USA)
Victor Hoffer (France)

Carolyne Prevost (Canada)
Sydney Michalyshen (Canada)
Ashleigh Wosny (USA))

Per CrossFit, “Each year, a team of experienced CrossFit athletes is selected to demonstrate the challenges athletes will face on the competition floor, and this team of six is stacked with talent.”

Griffin Roelle

Roelle has competed at the CrossFit Games twice across two divisions. He ranked 31st in the Team division in 2018 and closed out in 25th place overall in his Individual Games debut in 2020.

Roelle has been consistent in the CrossFit Semifinals since 2021, ranking 15th, seventh, and 12th, in 2021 and 2022, in the Atlas Games, Syndicate Crown, and Last-Chance Qualifier, respectively. Although he withdrew from the 2023 North America East Semifinal, his involvement in the 2023 season continued on the Demo Team.

Mitchel Stevenson

Stevenson has reached the CrossFit Games on two occasions. He ranked 32nd overall in 2018 as an Individual competitor and 10th in the Team division in 2021. 

Stevenson has competed in three Semifinals since 2022, ranking eighth at the 2022 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and sixth in that year’s Last-Chance Qualifier. In 2023, Stevenson finished 10th overall at the North America West Semifinal.

Victor Hoffer

Hoffer finished in 13th place as an Individual at the 2023 Europe Semifinal. In the two years prior, he competed in the Teams division at the Lowlands Throwdown, ranking 18th and 14th in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Hoffer scored his best Quarterfinal finish in 2023, ranking 10th overall worldwide and third overall in Europe.

Carolyne Prevost

Prevost competed in the CrossFit Games from 2019 through 2022. She failed to survive the cut in the first two years, but in 2022, Prevost claimed her best career rank of 23rd overall at the Games.

Prevost’s performances in the Semifinals are highlighted by her win at the 2021 Atlas Games. She returned to that competition in 2022 with a fifth-place finish. In 2023, Prevost ranked 15th overall at the North America East Semifinal — not high enough to reach the Games roster, but impressive enough nonetheless to land a spot on the Demo Team.

Sydney Michalyshen

In the past two seasons, Michalyshen was among the athletes on the CrossFit Games roster. She did not survive the cut in 2021 or 2022 but is a Games contender every season she competes in.

In 2021 and 2022, she was near the top of the field in the Semifinals, ranking fifth at the 2021 Atlas Games and taking home a silver medal at the 2022 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. In 2023, she missed out on a Games invite but finished 15th at the 2023 North America West Semifinal.

Ashleigh Wosny

Wosny competed as an Individual at the Games in 2015 in Girls 16-17 division, finishing as the overall runner-up. In 2018, Wosny moved into the Team division, and her season culminated in a 12th-place finish at the Games. She returned to the Games in 2019 and improved with her Team by one rank.

At the 2022 Granite Games, Wosny scored silver in the Team division. 2023 marked Wosny’s return to Individual competition, and her competitive 2023 season closed with a 16th-place finish at the North America East Semifinal.

Featured image: @crossfitgames on Instagram

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