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Mike O’Hearn and Vlad Yudin Discuss the Steroid Use of the “Liver King”


Episode 24 of The Mike O’Hearn Show was published on Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel on Dec. 2, 2022, and featured the show’s namesake and Vlad Yudin tackling a sudden change of topic thanks to the media coverage surrounding Brian “Liver King” Johnson‘s confession of steroid usage.

[Liver King] went from zero to being everywhere in a matter of a year, it seems like.

A day before episode 24 was published, Johnson released a video admitting to his current and ongoing usage of steroids, despite previous denials of steroid use on other media forums. Check out the video below, where O’Hearn and Vlad Yudin discuss the Liver King’s confession.

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From the start of the conversation, Yudin took the stance that Johnson is “an entertainer” and “doesn’t understand what the hate is about” concerning the backlash of Johnson’s confirmed steroid usage.

I feel people have been trying to tear him down. He’s a fun guy. Ultimately, he’s an entertainer.

O’Hearn’s first contribution to the dialogue is questioning whether Yudin cares about Johnson being a natural or enhanced athlete, even though Johnson lied about his steroid use. Yudin acknowledged that he doesn’t care about Johnson’s steroid usage one way or the other but reiterated the effort he’s seen at large to tear Johnson down, stating, “it’s been a campaign going against Liver King.”

I look at Liver King as an entertainer who makes crazy, wild videos.

Likewise, O’Hearn doesn’t put much stock into whether Johnson used steroids or not. Instead, he shifted the conversation to where responsibility falls for those who bought Johnson’s supplements or programming under the false premise that they could help achieve a muscular physique similar to Johnson’s. Is Johnson responsible for not disclosing his steroid usage and lying about being a natural athlete, or is it the consumer’s responsibility to use “common sense”?

There’s nothing new to the game. Eat healthy, train, and keep going forward. Nobody wants that. Everybody wants the trick.

O’Hearn uses his own vitamin and supplements line as an example, stating it’s not the vitamins but rather nutrition and consistency that will garner results. O’Hearn’s comparison did not center on Johnson’s lies about his steroid usage while selling supplements as the focal point.

If you don’t think it’s the basics that get you there, you’re falling into this yourself.

Yudin and O’Hearn agreed that Johnson getting called out for steroid usage is not a scandal, even comparing Johnson to Open professional bodybuilders. Again, they did not speak to the difference that Johnson lied about his steroid usage, whereas many Open competitors do not deny that they are enhanced bodybuilders. 2022 Mr. Olympia competitor Hunter Labrada openly discussed natural versus enhanced bodybuilding on his YouTube channel in September 2022:

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Ultimately, O’Hearn concluded that the lesson to take away from Johnson’s situation is for people who intend to use steroids to have their blood work done and only have steroids administered via the supervision of a professional.

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Brian “Liver King” Johnson Admits to Steroid Use After Allegations Spark Industry Backlash

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