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NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike Review


Cardio is an important aspect of fitness, and exercise bikes are an ideal solution for anyone looking to avoid the stress your joints can endure while running on pavement or a treadmillRecumbent bikes up the comfort level by allowing riders to lean back in a more natural position, and one of our favorite options on the market is the NordicTrack R35 Exercise Bike. This bike features a 14-inch touchscreen monitor and offers 26 levels of magnetic resistance. You’ll also receive a 30-day trial to iFit, granting you access to over 16,000 live and on-demand workouts that range from cardio to yoga and strength training

During your iFit classes, your trainer will adjust the magnetic resistance to match the terrain of the ride, but you can always adjust manually if needed. The R35 has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, its 25-pound flywheel provides a smooth ride, and the oversized seat and foot pedals should fit most athletes well. While the $1,500 price tag may be high for some, we think the high-quality construction and luxury features of the R35 make it an excellent addition to your home gym.

Main Takeaways

The 14-inch touchscreen monitor on the R35 is easy to navigate and creates an immersive experience while following along with any of the 16,000 iFit classes.
The 26 levels of magnetic resistance are sure to turn up the heat during your workouts.
The oversized seat, pedals, and 350-pound weight capacity mean this bike can suit most riders.

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike features a 25-pound flywheel and 26 levels of magnetic resistance. With your purchase, you’ll receive a 30-day trial to iFit, granting you access to over 16,000 workout classes ranging from cardio to strength training. 

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike Highlights

NordicTrack is known for its high-caliber cardio equipment, and the R35 is no exception. The steel frame makes for a durable and sturdy product, and the oversized seat provides a level of comfort that isn’t always available with exercise bikes. Those who want the latest technology with their gear will enjoy the 14-inch touchscreen monitor, which grants access to over 16,000 iFit classes where you can “travel” the world for your rides.

In those classes, your trainer will automatically adjust the 26 levels of resistance to match the terrain, but you can always override those with the manual buttons if necessary. If you’re into stat tracking, you’ll like how your metrics are displayed at the top of the monitor. But since there aren’t any pulse sensors, we suggest you use a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker to get an accurate reading of your heart rate and burned calories.

Flywheels are also important to exercise bikes as they provide a smooth ride experience. The heavier a flywheel is, the harder it is to stop and start your rides. While some bikes may feature a 40-pound flywheel, we think the 25-pound one on the R35 is pretty solid, as it can create enough momentum for a smooth ride without requiring too much effort to start and stop.

Who Should Buy the NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike

Those who want a technology-laden exercise bike will find the luxury features of the R35 ideal. 
The 26 levels of magnetic resistance can suit the needs of beginner and expert riders alike.
Anyone who wants the ability to stream a workout will find the integration of iFit to be a huge plus.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike

Folks on a tight budget might find the R35 out of their price range and will want to consider a cheaper alternative.
Those who don’t care about the tech-savvy nature of this bike should find a more basic option.
We think the 25-pound flywheel is a happy medium for exercise bikes, but there are other options out there that are both lighter and heavier if the R35 doesn’t fit your needs. 


You can purchase the Commercial R35 exercise bike for around $1,500 on the NordicTrack website. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll notice this is one of the most expensive recumbent bikes out there, and that price tag only becomes more expensive when you factor in the price of an iFit membership. For context, the one-year membership will tack on about $400 to your total, the two-year plan is about $700, and the three-year membership is about $900. 

While we think the base price tag is justified due to the luxury features and the overall high quality, we also understand that not everyone wants to spend that much money on one piece of equipment. NordicTrack offers two financing options you might be interested in, or you could go with a cheaper route. 

Overall Build and Quality

Since the Commercial R35 is a recumbent bike, it’s a bit larger than a “normal” exercise bike. It’s just over 68 inches long, about 24 inches wide, roughly 53.5 inches tall, and weighs 190 pounds. The steel frame build creates a durable and sturdy product with a 350-pound weight capacity. NordicTrack also throws in a ten-year warranty on the frame, a two-year warranty on parts, and a one-year labor warranty.


If you want an exercise bike with modern-day features, the Commercial R35 was made for you. The 14-inch touchscreen monitor provides an easy-to-use menu and an immersive experience for your rides. Plus, your metrics will be presented at the top of the display while riding. The speakers will provide ample sound of your instructor’s voice and the music, but Bluetooth capabilities allow you to pair your earbuds if you prefer. While no pulse sensors are built into the handles that flank the seat, you can always connect an existing heart rate monitor or fitness tracker to accurately read your HRV and burned calories.

Stat Tracking and Metrics 

A stat tracking bar is located at the top of the display during your workouts and will keep tabs on everything you need to know about your efforts. This includes your time and distance traveled, resistance level, speed, and estimated burned calories if you want to burn fat. Due to the lack of built-in pulse sensors, you’ll have to pair a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker via Bluetooth to accurately track your heart rate and the number of calories you’re burning. 


The 14-inch touchscreen display is one of our favorite features of the Commercial R35. It provides a clear picture of your rides, the menus are easy to navigate, and the Android 9 OS operating system quickly responds to commands. 

Included workouts

While the NordicTrack Commercial R35 doesn’t feature any included workouts besides the 30-day trial of iFit, you can always utilize the manual workout mode.

Workout Apps and Subscription Options

We enjoy the integration of iFit with NordicTrack’s cardio equipment, and that’s especially the case here. iFit is a streaming service with over 16,000 live and on-demand workout classes ranging from cycling to yogarunningstrength training, and more. With the compatibility app, you can easily track your progression over time, keep tabs on any of the various challenges available, and stream workouts directly from your phone or tablet. 

When purchasing your bike on the NordicTrack website, you’ll be presented with three different yearly plans for iFit after your free trial runs out. The one-year plan will run you around $400, the two-year plan is about $700, and the three-year plan is about $900. If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment, you can always pay monthly for about $40. While the yearly plans will increase your initial price tag of the R35, they’ll also save you money in the long run.

Ride Feel and Comfort

Since the NordicTrack Commercial R35 features a 25-pound flywheel, you can expect a smooth ride during your cardio workouts. For those who don’t know, an exercise bike’s flywheel creates force as you pedal against it. Heavier flywheels like the one found here are designed to maintain your momentum while riding, and the heavier they are, the harder they are to stop. Flywheels can be as heavy as 40 pounds or lighter than 10 pounds. So if you’re looking for a bike with a flywheel that falls in the middle of the pack, you might’ve found your match. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

Since the R35 doesn’t offer built-in pulse sensors, you’ll have to pair a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker to read your heart rate and burned calories accurately 


The fan on the R35 is located underneath the touchscreen display and will help keep you cool during your conditioning


There are two two-inch speakers positioned above the display that amplify the instructor’s voice during your iFit classes and the music loaded onto the R35. 

Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet and Phone Holders

At the rear of both handles on the R35, you’ll find a cup holder to store your shaker bottle or water bottle to help you stay hydrated while you ride. 

Bluetooth and Audio Options

The Bluetooth connectivity found here is great for those who want to pair their heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, or Bluetooth earbuds.

HDMI, USB and Other Inputs

The NordicTrack Commercial R35 doesn’t offer any plug-ins for your devices, but with all of the available technology, we don’t think you’ll be missing out. 

Product Specs

The Commercial R35 offers automatic adjustments to the 26 levels of magnetic resistance. During your iFit classes, the trainer will adjust the difficulty to match the terrain you’re riding on, providing a more natural feel. The oversized seat and foot pedals allow comfort for most athletes, and since it’s a recumbent bike, you’ll be pretty comfortable every time you hop on to ride, thanks to the upright sitting position that a recumbent bike provides. 

Bike Type

This is a recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes allow you to sit in a more natural position than an upright bike. So if you suffer from any lower back ailments, the R35 might be perfect for you. 


This bike features 26 levels of magnetic resistance from the 25-pound flywheel, which is the quietest form of resistance available. You can adjust the resistance manually during your rides or let your trainer take care of that during your iFit classes. 


The extra wide foot pedals on this bike make it a solid fit for most athletes. The straps that rest on top of your feet are easy to adjust and will ensure a snug fit for your endurance training sessions

Seat and Handlebars

The R35 also features an oversized seat that accommodates most people, and it can be adjusted horizontally. The two handles flank the seat and feature manual adjustment buttons for resistance and volume. 

Dimensions and Weight

Since this is a recumbent bike, it will take up more space than an upright bike. The R35 measures 68 inches long, about 24 inches wide, and roughly 53.4 inches tall. It also weighs 190 pounds. Since it does require a good amount of space to be housed, you might want to consider another option if you’re already tight on space. 

Weight Capacity

The R35 features a 350-pound weight limit, which is an impressive number for an exercise bike. 


A set of wheels at the front of the bike allows for portability, but the lack of a designated handle might make it a little tricky at times.

Electrical Requirements

You can utilize any average household plug to power this machine. 


Since this bike uses magnetic resistance, you’ll find it to be pretty quiet during your rides. This benefits those with housemates who may be asleep when you’re riding. 


With your purchase, you’ll get a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor.

Places to Buy

You can buy this bike directly through the NordicTrack website. 

Company Information

NordicTrack is known for its quality cardio equipment, from bikes to rowerstreadmills, and ellipticals. Your purchase comes with a 30-day trial period, so if you aren’t satisfied after a month, you can receive a full refund. For more information, you can call their customer support team at 1-888-308-9616.

Final Word

The NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike is one of the most tech-savvy bikes on the market. With an iFit membership, the 14-inch touchscreen display grants you access to over 16,000 iFit workouts and various challenges. During those classes, you’ll experience automatic adjustments to the 26 levels of magnetic resistance to mimic the terrain of your course, but you can override those with manual adjustments if necessary. 

Tracking your stats is easy, the oversized seat and foot pedals provide a comfortable experience for most athletes, and the 350-pound weight capacity is impressive. We also think you’ll enjoy the 25-pound flywheel as it provides plenty of momentum while riding without being too heavy to start or stop. While the price tag may fall out of some people’s budget, the luxurious feel and high-quality build of the R35 make it one of our favorites on the market, and we think it could be a great addition to your home gym.


How much does the NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike cost?

This bike will run you right around $1,500. This is one of the most expensive recumbent exercise bikes on the market, but we think the overall quality of it justifies the price. There aren’t many bikes out there that offer automatic adjustments and a touchscreen monitor. So if you can afford it, we think you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Are there any preloaded workouts on the NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike?

No. Aside from the 30-day trial of iFit and the manual workout mode, this bike has no programmed workouts.

How heavy is the flywheel on the NordicTrack Commercial R35 Exercise Bike?

This bike features a 25-pound flywheel. The flywheel of a bike is very important as it determines how hard it is to start and stop riding and the overall smoothness of the ride. Since 25 pounds is around the average weight of a flywheel, we think it’ll suit you just fine.

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