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On “The Mike O’Hearn Show,” Bodybuilder Rich Gaspari Says, “Hard Work Is Being Replaced by Drugs”


Episode 36 of The Mike O’Hearn Show, published on Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel on March 10, 2023, featured bodybuilder Rich Gaspari discussing the dynamics between when he competed and modern bodybuilding. Gaspari competed in the Mr. Olympia contest on seven different occasions and reached the podium four times, including three silver-medal finishes (1986-88).

In conversation with O’Hearn, Gaspari stated that he’s been “criticized by the younger generation of bodybuilders” but believes that “hard work is being replaced by drugs.” Check out the entire interview in the video below:

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O’Hearn introduced Gaspari as a figure that inspired and stimulated the kind of lifter he aspired to be like when he was coming up in the fitness industry. O’Hearn heralded the camaraderie of how he trained with his partners that emulated how Gaspari navigated his training.

Without wasting time, O’Hearn’s target of discussion was “intensity and today is a snowflake mentality.” Gaspari’s first tag was the discussion surrounding form and how adherent gym-goers are to it even when reaching fatigue during a set or doing “cheat movements” in a particular range of motion.

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You may be using other muscles, but you’re still working that [target] muscle to total failure.

There were specific areas of training that Gaspari feels are not understood by younger lifters:

Going to total failure
Sufficient caloric intake

To train with effective intensity for muscle growth, one needs sufficient calories to fuel that training. That includes the correct macros and avoidance of refined sugars.

You have to eat to grow muscle.

A requisite caloric surplus is necessary for gains, and none of the macros that comprise those calories are inherently bad. However, Gaspari routinely encounters athletes who think “carbs are evil.” Carbs are converted into glucose that muscles use for fuel, and there isn’t anything “inherently evil” about them.

Most of the time, keto diets are not the proper diet for people to use.

Gaspari’s bread and butter macro breakdown is typically 35 percent protein, 45 percent carbs, and 20 percent fat. Although Gaspari doesn’t train with as much intensity as he did during the prime of his career, he still trains with the maximum intensity that he is capable of. 

Be sure to watch the entire interview between O’Hearn and Gaspari to hear all the tips for training and health they suggest athletes should adhere to.

Featured image: @richgaspari on Instagram

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