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Onnit Holiday Sale and Discounts 2022


Onnit is not only famous for their supplement line, but they’re also well known for their kettlebells and other gym equipment. They design every product they sell with three words in mind: total human optimization. They make products that they believe will help you optimize your potential and push you to reach any fitness or nutrition goal. Onnit’s supplement line is robust and consists of classics, like protein and creatine, as well as some pretty unique supplement offerings geared more specifically toward focus, mood, and immune health. They also offer home fitness programs and on demand workouts. 

Onnit Holiday Promotions and Discounts

In honor of Black Friday sales, Onnit is offering sitewide sales on all of their products. You’re looking at 25 percent off of supplements, 10 percent off of fitness equipment, 60 percent off of doorbusters, 20 percent off of nutrition, 50 percent off of digital purchases, and 20 percent off of apparel and gearThis sale started on November 14 and will run all the way until December 4. 

25% Off Supplements

Onnit Black Friday Sale

Onnit Black Friday Sale

Just in time for some holiday shopping, Onnit is offering deals like 25 percent off supplements, 10 percent off fitness, 60 percent off doorbusters, 20 percent off nutrition, 50 percent off digital, and 20 percent off apparel and gear.

This is a crazy deal across the board, and to top it off, Onnit is entering every purchase to win one of five $1,000 shopping sprees for their website. You’ll also earn as you spend. When you spend between $100 and $199, you’ll receive a $10 coupon, and so on and so forth up to a $50 coupon for a purchase of $500 or more. 

Our Favorite Products

Since Onnit’s offerings are so versatile, it’s hard to narrow it down and pick just one of their products that we love. Therefore, we’re including both our favorite piece of equipment and our favorite supplement — but more on those below.

Onnit Kettlebells

For equipment, it’s hard to beat Onnit’s kettlebells. These kettlebells stand out because they are cast as one single piece rather than a handle and a kettlebell fused together. They also sport a powder finish to assist with grip, which may lead to less of a need to chalk your hands between sets. 

10% Off

Onnit Kettlebell

Onnit Kettlebell

Onnit makes a quality cast iron kettlebell that is affordable, color-coded, and durable. The powder-coat finish is durable and consistent. It’s the perfect starter kettlebell and also one experienced users will get great use out of, time and time again.

These kettlebells range in weight from 13 pounds to 70 pounds and are sold individually. The handles are color-coated to help you decipher between the weights without having to spend too much time searching for the number on the bell.

Onnit Total Human

As for our favorite supplement, we love Onnit Total Human, which is a robust daytime and nighttime multivitamin package. It is split between two packs, each with eight pills, and each targeted towards your various daytime and nighttime needs. The daytime pack includes Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech SPORT, Stron BONE, Total Human B Complex, Shroom Tech IMMUNE, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. 

Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human is a multivitamin supplement that comes in individual packets of supplements for each day and night. Each packet includes an array of supps, from a B complex to antioxidants and even spirulina. 

The nighttime pack includes New MOOD, VIRUTech, Key Minerals, Shroom Tech IMMUNE, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella. This supplement is really more like a 10-in-one, including supps for vitamins, minerals, mental health, physical health, and even gut health, making it one of the most robust multivitamins you can find on the market. 

Final Word

Onnit is known for its versatility in supplement and equipment offerings. Their supplement line holds it down on the important staples, and ventures into unique territory by providing more than just the basic nutritional staples. They have created supplements for performance, mental health, optimal nutrition, and even gut health. They also delve into the world of equipment with their kettlebells, sandbags, and steel clubs and maces. This Black Friday, you can get all of your supplement and equipment needs met at insane prices through Onnit’s website. 


Is Onnit running a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal?

Yes, they have a Black Friday deal that will score you 25 percent off of supplements, 10 percent off of fitness equipment, 60 percent off of doorbusters, 20 percent off of nutrition, 50 percent off of digital purchases, and 20 percent off of apparel and gear.

Why should I pick Onnit over other brands?

Onnit offers a wide array of supplements that go beyond basic nutritional needs. They have supplements for gut health, improved mood and mental health, focus and attention, and immune health. Not only do they have well-recognized supplements, but they’re also known for their gym equipment — most notably, their kettlebells.

When will the Onnit holiday sale be running?

The sale started as of November 14 and will run until December 4, which is ample time to fill your cart with all of the goodies you’ve been waiting to try.

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