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Part Two of the “Buttery Games Show” Challenges Athletes With Obstacle Course Racing


On Jan. 11, 2023, the second part of the “Buttery Bros Show,” aka the “Buttery Games,” got underway on the Buttery Bros‘ — Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers — YouTube channel. Part one of the competition, which aired a week earlier, tested athletes’ speed with a shuttle run beep test and a 400-meter relay. Part two tested the athletes’ abilities on new implements under pressure via obstacle courses.

Two-time reigning Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros and his teammate, former ballerina Sophia Rose were in the overall lead after part one. Three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up Kai Greene and 2020 CrossFit Games bronze medalist Kari Pearce were in second to last, as the former elite bodybuilder did not have much affinity for running. Check out part two of the Buttery Games below:

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Obstacle Course

The team of Allison Scudds and Jon “Jujimufu” Call first attacked the America Ninja Warrior-inspired obstacle course. It consisted of the following 10 obstacles, but they traded off who performed which:

Balance Steps
Single Steps
Salmon Ladder
Curved Steps
Warped Wall

Scudds traversed the balance steps and brisked across the balance beam in less than 10 seconds. Jujimufu handled the rings, which involved hanging from rings and moving them laterally across a peg board. He continued his way through the trapeze — where he monkey-barred his way between trapezes and gymnastics rings.

Scudds retook the floor on the trampoline at the 40-second mark. Everyone in the room seemed to blink, and Scudds was already on the doors obstacle, which was three doors with rock climbing grips that Scudds traversed laterally. She moved through the single steps exactly as they were named and were not challenging.

Jujimufu grabbed the bar for the salmon ladder — a series of pull-ups up a rig. He was presumably caught cheating by using his feet on lower rungs when he caught the bar unevenly on a higher rung level. The Buttery Bros did not call an infraction even though they saw Jujimufu give himself a boost. Cannon even gave Jujimufu the green light to advance even though he failed to secure the barbell on the top rungs.

Jujimufu was karmically punished when he slipped and fell on the curved steps — angled wedges — that split the rig. He and Scudds made it to the top of the warped wall at 1:40:14.

Nathalie Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle’s run was a spectacle of unfortunate events. Coyle lost momentum on the trapeze, could not complete them, and was too gassed to complete the salmon ladder. They logged a time at approximately 4:16 with pending penalties for the failed obstacles.

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Greene and Pearce were up third. Greene cleared the rings in swift fashion despite not feeling confident at the start of the run. Unfortunately, the time gain was rendered partially undone when Greene grabbed the top of the doors in the doors obstacle rather than the hand grips — an illegal maneuver that Sawyers announced before the start of the contest. 2:59:19 was the official time after Greene overcame his “nemesis,” the warped wall.
Hafthor Björnsson and Kelsey Hensen’s strategy was to keep the strongman away from the upper body movements as he is so much heavier. It paid off as they cleared the course at 2:06:05. Rob Kearney and Alex Gazan had a smooth run until Kearney overshot the trampoline and fell over the top. They recovered well and claimed the warped wall at 1:56:09.
Brooke Wells and Martins Licis had the cleanest run of the day up to that point. They each cleared their respective obstacles, including Licis handling the salmon ladder without issue. They logged a top time of 1:36:26 with one team to go.
Rose moved through the early balance-focused obstacles to let Medeiros move through the upper-body-focused obstacles. Smart strategy is smart strategy, and they converted an event-winning time of 1:31:15.

Obstacle Course Results

Rose/Medeiros — 1:31
Wells/Licis — 1:36
Scudds/Jujimufu — 1:40
Gazan/Kearney — 1:56
Hensen/Björnsson — 2:06
Pearce/Greene — 2:56
Eva Marie/Coyle — 4:18

Scudds and Jujimufu’s run was put to a vote amongst the teams for potential penalties but ultimately were not assigned any — strong enough to claim a third-place finish. The day’s second event was a basketball test featuring each athlete performing layups, free throws, three-pointers, and half-court shots. Check out the full video to see how the rest of part two played out.

Featured image courtesy of the Buttery Bros.

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