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Rogue Fitness Announces the 1,000-Pound Challenge


The latest edition of the Rogue Fitness challenges has arrived. On April five, 2023, Rogue announced the 1,000-Pound challenge on their Instagram page. The challenge consists of participating athletes establishing their heaviest cumulative total in one hour across the following three lifts:

2023 Rogue Fitness 1,000-Pound Challenge

Establish the heaviest cumulative total:

One-Rep Max Bench Press
One-Rep Max Squat
One-Rep Max Deadlift

Time cap: 60 minutes.

Establishing a one-rep max for each of the above lifts in a one-hour time cap is essentially a variation of a full power powerlifting meet. In that format, athletes are allowed three attempts to establish their max lifts in their weight class — the heaviest overall total wins. There will be new weight divisions for athletes to compete in: 750 pounds, 1,000 pounds, and 1,250+ pounds.


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However, there is a notable difference between this Rogue challenge and a standard sanctioned powerlifting meet: the order of the lifts. In a powerlifting meet, athletes would squat first, followed by the bench press and then the deadlift. In this case, athletes open with the bench press followed by the squat, meaning two heavy lower-body compound movements are back-to-back.

CrossFit Meets Powerlifting?

Elite CrossFit competition has featured a powerlifting-inspired event before. The 2020 CrossFit Games had an event called “CrossFit Total,” where athletes attempted to establish max lifts, including the squat and deadlift. However, a strict press was included instead of a bench press.

The bench press has gotten more attention from CrossFit in terms of programming in 2023, and this is yet another example of that. One hour is a lot of time to establish a max cumulative total, so participating athletes will likely have plenty of recovery time between lifts to reach or surpass personal record territory.

Those who wish to compete can register at and pay the $30 entry fee. Video submissions are to be sent through the fitness tracking app, btwb.

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