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Rogue Fitness Holiday Sale and Discounts 2022


Rogue has come a long way from their humble beginnings in a garage back in 2006. They are now the official equipment supplier of the CrossFit Games, USA Weightlifting, the Arnold Strongman Classic, and the World’s Strongest Man competition. They’re also the unofficial equipment supplier of countless home gyms around the world.

Rogue is known for making top-tier equipment and having excellent customer service. They also keep an ear to the streets and are very reactive to customer requests, allowing them to build innovative pieces of equipment. Rogue sells pretty much anything and everything fitness related, from full-on gym packages and commercial outfitting, to accessories, chalk, barbells, strongman equipment, weightlifting shoes, supplements, and more. They don’t sell the cheapest gear out there, but you can be confident that Rogue gear will last a lifetime with proper care.

Rogue Holiday Promotions and Discounts

Rogue has a wide range of sales going on for the holidays with what they call Matte Black November. First, they have their 75 MAX deal, which limits the shipping cost to $75 with the purchase of a qualifying power rack or squat stand. That makes this a perfect time to stock up on weight plates too since they’re normally expensive to ship. Rogue has many of their most popular plates under the HUNDO pricing promotion, which means the more weight you buy, the cheaper per pound the plates are. Select dumbbells are also one a dollar per pound — a huge savings.

Rogue Fitness Matte Black November Deals

Rogue Fitness Matte Black November Deals

Rogue Fitness is offering shipping specials, hundo pricing, and much more during their Matte Black November sale from November 1 through December 1.

If you’re looking for apparel or accessories, then the five-for-five offer is what you’ll want to take advantage of. When you purchase five qualifying items, they’ll ship for just five dollars. In addition to all of these sales, Rogue is also offering a “Hot Deals” page with rotating deals on popular gear and additional discounts available. You can score these deals from now until November 30, so act fast if you’ve got your eye on something.

Our Favorite Products

We’ve reviewed tons of Rogue equipment before, and they haven’t left us disappointed yet, but there are some specific products to keep an eye out for when they’re on sale. These are our personal favorites.

Rogue RML-490C Power Rack 3.0

Rogue makes some of the best squat stands and power racks in the industry, including the RML-490C Rack, which is a beast of a rack and offers a ton of versatility. This racks is a great choice for someone who wants a solid rack they can build out and make the centerpiece of their gym. It can pair with a seemingly endless list of possible attachments, like a dip station, landmine, trolley arms, and more. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Rogue RML-490C Rack 3.0

Rogue RML-490C Rack 3.0

Big, strong and uncomplicated, the Rogue RML-490C Rack 3.0 is a high-quality, customizable power rack. It’s super easy to add and remove attachments to meet different training goals.

Deep Dish Plates

Another option if you’ve already got your power rack taken care of is weight plates, like these Deep Dish Plates from Rogue. With the HUNDO pricing promotion, you can stock up for a fraction of the price you would have paid otherwise — plus, if you do need a rack, you’ll only be paying $75 for shipping, potentially saving you hundreds.

Rogue Deep Dish Plates

Rogue Deep Dish Plates

These ductile iron weight plates are available in individual pairs, and full sets. They’re also thicker than your standard weight plates, which makes them more durable. 

These deep dish plates are some of the most sought after plates in no small part because they look great on the bar. They’re also highly accurate with their weight tolerance at +2 percent and -0 percent. You can pick these aesthetic plates up in pairs from five pound plates to 100 pound plates, or sets ranging from 230 pounds through 1,000 pounds.

Final Word

We could spend all day going over the sales that Rogue has right now, and frankly you could spend all day looking through them too since there are so many. From the 75 MAX shipping promo, which could save you hundreds of dollars right from the jump, to the dollar-a-pound dumbbells and HUNDO pricing, Rogue is offering up some sweet deals this year. Be sure to check out the Hot Deals page often through November 30 as the promos rotate — you don’t want to miss a sale on that item you’ve been holding out for.


How often does Rogue run deals like these?

Rogue is notoriously strict on the deals they run. They have HUNDO pricing year-round on select plates, but discounts on such a wide variety of items are essentially only available during this holiday sale. The only time they offer free or discounted shipping outside of their holiday sale is if you spend over $5,000 in a single transaction, or opt for some smaller accessory items that occasionally ship for free.

Can you mix and match the Rogue deals during their holiday sale?

Yes. You can mix and match the products that are five-for-five, so you don’t need to purchase the same item five times. As long as five qualifying items are in your cart at checkout, you’ll receive the promotion. Additionally, it looks like some racks are on the five-for-five promo, which could save you even more than the 75 MAX deal — though you should double-check before finalizing the order.

How long is Rogue’s holiday sale running?

Rogue’s Matte Black November, as the name suggests, is running from November 1 through November 30 at 11:59 PM EST. If you like to wait until the last minute for your holiday shopping, this may help give you the kickstart you need.

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