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Six-Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates Shows Off His Ripped Physique at 60 Years Old


From 1992-1997, Dorian Yates was the face of bodybuilding. In that time, the man known as “The Shadow” racked up six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, beating out top-flight competitors like Kevin Levrone, Nasser el Sonbaty, Shawn Ray, and Lee Labrada along the way.

Now, more than 25 years after retiring from the stage, Yates still looks ready for an impromptu guest-posing spot, should the need arise. In an Instagram post from January 10, 2023, the English bodybuilder showed off his leaner, more chiseled physique from a recent trip to the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Check it out below:

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Though Yates is often credited with bringing the “Mass Monster” trend to bodybuilding, he’s slimmed down immensely over the decades as he focuses on mobility and cardiovascular health in retirement.

Gone are the billboard-sized back and mountainous pecs — the 2023 version of Yates flaunts a far more athletic build, with a slimmed-down frame and tight abs. There are still reminders of his world-class size from decades ago, especially in the legs, but it’s clear Yates has gone in a whole new direction since stepping away from the stage.

Dorian Yates in Retirement

While fellow Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler remains committed to training routines that harken back to his bodybuilding days, Yates’ approach to fitness has undergone an overhaul. Known for his high-intensity training protocol the “Blood & Guts” workouts from the ‘90s, Yates now posts about his HIIT workouts on his stationary bike and often credits yoga with helping him stay fit after bodybuilding.

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But that doesn’t mean Yates has completely cut bodybuilding out of his life. He’s still involved in the sport in some capacity as the founder of the supplement company DY Nutrition and the online coaching platform DY Academy.

He also regularly doles out bits of bodybuilding wisdom at seminars and on his Instagram page. His social media posts, in particular, range from tips on pulling off better shrugs to personal anecdotes on how long he spent in the gym every week. (Turns out, he only ever trained three or four days per week for an hour per session.)

Even if you’re not looking to train like Yates in his prime, he’s still a fount of knowledge for anyone seeking to improve in the gym.

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