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Social Power of Adaptive Athletics (with Jedidiah Snelson)

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Today I’m talking to Jedidiah Snelson, a former Pro Motocross racer and trainer to action sports athletes. When it comes to sports like motocross and CrossFit, Jedidiah says the training can be very similar between the two; enduring a 35 race is a bit like a long Hero WOD. After an accident left him paralyzed, Jedidiah turned to adaptive CrossFit for an athletic and competitive outlet. Quickly, he became a top Adaptive Athlete in the Seated division and is still elite as he nears his mid-40s. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, and I hope you enjoy!

In this episode of The BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Jedidiah Snelson discuss: 

Jedidiah’s athletic background and his entry into motorcycle racing (2:45)
Finding CrossFit (4:00)
Jedidiah’s background coaching both action sports and CrossFit athletes, along with MMA fighters (6:00)
The unique rigors of motocross, especially on multiple 35 minute races (9:00)
How to train specifically for motorcycle racing when it comes to strength and conditioning (12:30)
His early perceptions of CrossFit, and how those perceptions (public and private) changed (14:30)
“I have to have a competitive outlet” (18:30)
Jedidiah’s hopes for both adaptive and able-bodied CrossFit (22:00)

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