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Strongman Nick Best Gives a Tour of His Garage Gym


In November 2022, Nick Best retired from competitive strongman after ranking second overall at the 50+ Masters World’s Strongest Man contest. Despite leaving the competitive limelight, Best has not strayed from training strongman in his garage gym.

On March 26, 2023, Best took to his YouTube channel to give his nearly 52,000 subscribers a tour of his home gym and the equipment that tricks it out. Check out the walkthrough Best gave in the video below:

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Nick Best’s Garage Gym Tour

When entering the garage through the entrance where a car would drive, various barbells are mounted on the right side of the garage as though they were ancient swords sheathed for display. The mount was homemade with two-by-fours aligned vertically parallel with hooks drilled into each to hold the barbells. The barbells Best owns include:

Olympic Barbell
EZ Curl Barbell
Deadlift Barbell
Axle Barbell
65-Pound Squat Bar
80-Pound Safety Squat Bar

At the bottom of the mount is a seldom-used, folded speed ladder. Various-weighted sandbags at the foot of the mount pillow a Zercher squat harness. That harness nearly touches a 90-pound trap bar, which is obscured from the camera’s view by a weight bench and a hand truck for moving all the heavy implements.

Resistance bands hang from the ceiling, guiding the eye to a slew of weight plates. They sweep along the floor to the squat rack, which best prefers over a power cage or a monolift because it takes up less space and is easier for him to adjust height-wise.

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The back wall of the garage is home to the weathered array of dumbbells, ranging from 20 to 150 pounds, strewn atop a dumbbell rack. The corner hides Best’s Viking Press handle and Power Stairs tool that recreates the sumo deadlifting motion required for that event.

The wall opposing the barbells bears a hyperextension machine, a pair of logs for log pressing, and a monster dumbbell. The main attractions of the left-side wall are the jerk boxes and the Atlas Stone pedestals carrying their namesake implements. The pedestals are connected and have storage space within them.

Best keeps his rigging and chains used for drags, sled pulls, and vehicle pulls in the left corner at the entrance. Next to them is a relatively small 100-pound tire that reaches the height of Best’s knees.

The centerpiece of Best’s garage gym is his leg press, loaded with weight plates that display their chipped paint and wear. Leaning against it is the shield he uses to practice carries. On the opposite side of the leg press leans a 280-pound block used for block pressing.

Outside the garage, Best stores his farmer’s carry beams on his porch to keep his pull-up and dip machine company. Tucked in the corner of a separate entrance are a 286-pound keg and a 305-pound sandbag.

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