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Strongwoman Lucy Underdown Hits 280-Kilogram Raw Deadlift Quadruple PR


Strongwoman Lucy Underdown’s incredible deadlifting capabilities have gained recognition in the strongwoman game. The 2023 Arnold UK Pro Strongwoman champion set the strongwoman raw world record single-rep deadlift at a whopping 300 kilograms (662 pounds), and she’s proved she can lift even more than that in training, as shown by her 302.5-kilogram (667-pound) lift in August 2022. In the summer of 2023, she’s adding more to her deadlift resume.

On July 5, 2023, Underdown published a video on her Instagram page wherein she scored a raw deadlift quadruple-rep personal record of 280 kilograms (618 pounds). She performed the set in a conventional stance while wearing lifting straps. Check it out below:


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Lucy Underdown’s Deadlifting Prowess

She wasn’t entirely sure if she could get the quadruple PR, saying in the caption of her post, “I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather.” Underdown also wasn’t using her typical setup of two bumper plates. Also conspicuously missing were barbell collars as the weight plates attempted to shuffle off the barbell with each rep. Underdown’s training partners had to ensure they stayed on the barbell between reps.

Deadlift moving nicely…280 kilograms by four (ish).

More specifically, on Underdown’s second rep, the smaller weights at the end of the bar on her right side fell off. She followed through with that rep even if the weight on the barbell was uneven before her training partners put the plate back on and then essentially spotted the weight plates through the final two reps. Even with one of Underdown’s four reps being slightly lighter, one could argue that the weight sliding made the lift more difficult. 

What’s Next for Lucy Underdown?

In the caption, Lucy Underdown states that she’s excited about her upcoming competitions, which include the 2023 Official Strongman’s Europe’s Strongest Championship, the 2023 Britain’s Strongest Woman, and 2023 Ultimate Strongman’s England’s Strongest.

Considering Underdown’s new quad-rep PR is close to her world record for a single rep, calling for world record weight on the barbell in a max deadlift event at one of those competitions is within the realm of possibility.

Featured image: @lucyunders_strongwoman on Instagram

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